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OpenGenus is an open-source community focused on revolutionizing the way to understand Computing and make knowledge available offline.

Background information
Founded on:September 2017
HeadquartersTokyo, Japan
Key membersUe Kiao, Aditya Chatterjee
IndustryPublication, Open-Source, Computer Science,
Education, Software
Years active2017 - till date (5+ years)
Users per month510K+ (as of February 2022)
Total views25M+ (as of February 2022)
# of contributors2000+
# of books released20+
Alexa rank35,231 (as of February 2022)

As of November 2021, products by OpenGenus is used by over 500K active monthly users and over 2K programmers have contributed to our initiatives.

Some of our open-source projects involve:

  • Cosmos: A large dataset of Implementations used by our sister projects like OpenGenus IQ and Quark. With over 12.9K GitHub stars and 1K+ contributors, Cosmos is one of the largest dataset of its kind.

  • OpenGenus IQ: A free web-resource to author articles on topics related to Computing, build your online profile and reputation and learn about various topics.

  • OpenGenus Books: 20+ books have been published by OpenGenus on various Computing topics. These books cover topics and ideas that have not been covered by any other book in the market.

  • CINT: CINT stands for Coding Interview New Tab. This is a browser extension to help programmers find and learn a new Computing fact everytime they open a new tab.

  • Quark: A browser extension that helps you to find implementations of various Algorithms in several Programming Languages Offline.

We run a popular remote Internship Program since 2017 (4 years and counting).

OpenGenus is proudly sponsored by 3 great companies (Discourse, DigitalOcean and GitHub).

Our proud current sponsors are:

We would love to have you as a sponsor. To become one, email us at team@opengenus.org for details.

We hope to see you as our next sponsor and lead our ambitious mission