Bantai Records (Record Label)

Bantai Records
Bantai Records
Bantai Records logo
Bantai Records logo
Background information
Founded on:February 2021
HeadquartersMumbai 37
GenresRap, Hip Hop, RnB, Chopper, Commercial
FounderEmiway Bantai (Bilal Shaikh)
Years activeFeb 2021 - till date
Subscribers on YouTube310K+
Total views on YouTube18M+
# of artists signed40+
# of songs released46+

Bantai Records, is the Biggest Independent Hip Hop Record Label based in Bangalore, India. It has been founded by Emiway Bantai, the Biggest Hip Hop artist in India in February 2021. Bantai Records have signed over 40 artists in less than a year and gain 100K subscribers on YouTube on the day it launched, a record no other label has been able to beat.


On 21 March 2021, Bantai Records released their first track "THC CYPHER (Freeverse 2021)" on YouTube and other streaming platforms, which became their first hit song with over 4M views (as of January 2022) with over 255K likes. It featured 5 artists namely Emiway Bantai, Stony Psyko, Dope Daddy, Minta, Meme Machine and Hellac. All artists except Stony Psyko and Dope Daddy are signed with Bantai Records.

On the first day of the release of the song "THC CYPHER (Freeverse 2021)", Bantai Records gained over 100K subscribers in less than 24 hours. The cypher gains 2M+ views on the first day. No other record label has been able to acheive this feat.

The logo of Bantai Record features the 3 colors on the flag of India signifying its roots are deep in Indian Culture.

In Interview in June 2021, Emiway Bantai has said "Bantai Records" is the next big thing in Indian Hip Hop and will disrupt the industry. Emiway Bantai, himself, is the poineer of Indian Hip Hop and has been able to uplift the scene to a global audience. Emiway Bantai is at the forefront of Indian Hip Hop since 2016 when one of his song hit 10M+ views on YouTube organically.

Bantai Records sign Rappers, Singers, Lyricist, Beat Producers, Video Editors, Managers and others.

Bantai Records is the only Independent Hip Hop Record Label in India.

Artists in Bantai Records

Bantai Records is the most popular Hip Hop Record label in Indian Hip Hop. Earliest members of Bantai Records include Emiway Bantai (Founder), Memax (formerly known as Meme Machine), Minta, Hellac, Loka, Young Galib and Swaalina.

Swaalina is the only female artist in Bantai Records as of 2022. There are other female employees in the Management department. Swaalina was the director of Emiway Bantai's debut album "Malum Hai Na" which makes her one of the leading Hip Hop Directors in IHH.

Emiway's brother, V Break (stage name) is involved with Bantai Records as a Director and Editor.

Other artists who have signed Bantai Records include Jakx (Marathi Rapper), Flowbo, Hitzone, Thoratt, Refix (Producer), Gaush, Shez, Xtacy, Xaen, Tony James (Producer), Sanjay Sosa (Management), Sumit Singh Bantai (Management) and many more.

Work by Bantai Records

Bantai Records produce the Music Videos by Emiway Bantai and other signed artists. On average, they release 1 song every week.
Bantai Records has produced the debut album of Emiway Bantai titled "Malum Hai Na" which was the biggest album in the country which reached Number 1 spot on iTunes in 35 minutes, featured on New York Billboard by YouTube with 150M views on YouTube and 70M streams on Audio Platforms in the first 6 months.

Bantai Records has launched their official merchandise store which sell t-shirts and caps with various designs featuring Emiway Bantai.
Bantai Records have worked with several advertising agencies and the first ad created by them is the Exclusive Music Video promoting Narzo (Realme mobile) and Flipkart for a sale (2 times). The ad featured Emiway Bantai, Sumit Singh Bantai, Minta and Memax with the performer being Emiway Bantai.

Artists at Bantai Records have performed together at several houseful sold-out shows.


Extended plays (EPs)

  • MEMAX EP (2021) by MEMAX
Song Written & Performed By Music Produced By
"Kya Bolte Bro" MEMAX, Loka, Emiway MEMAX
"Kuch Nahi" MEMAX, Minta
"Hatela" MEMAX
"Naa Jaa" MEMAX
"Last 5 seconds" MEMAX
  • RAJA EP (2021) by Hellac
Song Written and Performed By Music Produced By
"Raja" Hellac, Emiway Madhur shinde
"Bombay" Hellac, Thoratt, Young Galib Baykarbeatz
"Dhamaka" Hellac Refix
"Sky" Hellac fernsjason
"Masle pe masla" Hellac Critical Jaxk
"Heaven n Hell" Hellac Fernsjason


Top Singles and Collaborations

Year Track Artist(s) Music Produced By Additional Note(s)
2021 THC Cypher Emiway Bantai, Stony Psyko, Dope Daddy, Minta, Meme Machine, Hellac Flamboy First track of Bantai Records. Stony Psyko and Dope Daddy are part of DOPEADELICZ who worked with Emiway in 2014 in a Cypher at the beginning of Emiway's career.
Sath Mai Emiway Bantai, Swaalina, Memax Memax First Commerical song by Bantai Records and debut song of Swaalina.
Naam Lele Hellac Nasm Beats Diss track to Raftaar and other artists who has been poking Hellac for a long time.
Tere Ko Maloom Kya Loka Aakash
Paani Mai Emiway, Swaalina, Young Galib Yoki, Tony James A hit with over 10M views on YouTube.
Na Matu Dha Jaxk Memax Debut song of Jaxk, Marathi Rapper
Kya Bolte Bro Memax, Loka, Emiway Bantai Memax Title track of Memax EP by Memax
Killa Flowbo Vik Debut track of Flowbo (one of the youngest rappers in Indian Hip Hop)
Raja Hellac, Emiway Bantai Madhur shinde Title track of Raja EP by Hellac


Year Nominated work Category Award Result
2021 YouTube channel Total Subscribers on YouTube: 100K Silver play button Won

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