Benjamin QoChuk

Benjamin QoChuk
OccupationAuthor, Researcher
FieldsComputer Science
Known forOpenGenus, Computing research
Years active:2001 - till date
# books:2 (English)
Book topics:Computer Science
Education:Vanderbilt University; Peking University

Benjamin QoChuk is a technical Author, Computer Science Researcher, Inventor and Software Developer.

He has worked at several companies across USA and Japan and is currently, a Senior Fellow at OPENGENUS.

His educational background include Bachelors at Vanderbilt University and PhD in Computer Science at Peking University.


Benjamin QoChuk completed his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computing Science at Vanderbilt University (1997-2000) and PhD in Software Design at Peking University (2003-2009).

He worked at several companies as a Software Developer and Researcher. He is considered as one of the leading researcher in the corporate sector across Japan. He has been recognized nationally for his core research into System Development in early 2000s.

In 2018, he joined OpenGenus as a Senior Fellow, to support the design of upcoming software stack for Quantum Systems and contribute to on-going design research.


  • Divide and Conquer Algorithms for Multi-dimensional Problems (Amazon)
  • 50+ Linux Commands before joining a Company (Amazon)

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