Are you a Cool Kid? (Jokes)

This is a Cool Kid:


Identify yourself as a Cool Kid if these happen with you:

When this kid goes late to school, other students get punished for coming early.

When this kid comes to your house, you are the guest.

This kid doesn’t walk, the earth moves where he wants to go.

When this kid smokes, the cigarettes get cancer.

In school, teachers raise their hand to talk to this kid.

This kid doesn’t learn life lessons, the life lessons learn him.

This kid missed school on two days. They are now called as Saturday and Sunday.

When this kid was born, he slapped a doctor's face for not crying

If this kid gets detention at school, his parents get grounded.

When the telephone was created, this kid already had 3 missed calls.

This kid isn’t failing his grades, his grades are failing him

The car of this kid doesn't need any fuel, it drives out of respect.

When this kid sneezes, the people around him say "Excuse me".

This kid doesn’t get girls, the girls get him.

When this kid was born, he named his parents.

This kid isn’t an intellectual, the intellectual is him.

This kid doesn't live in a house,
The house lives around him.

This kid doesn’t look at a mirror, the mirror looks at him

When this kid robs a store, he arrests the police.

When this kid visits any website, the cookies accept him

This kid doesn't pay his taxes, his taxes pay him.

This kid doesn’t wear a mask to protect himself from corona virus, the virus wears a mask to protect itself from this kid.

When this kid makes an unoriginal joke, it becomes his original joke.

When this kid cuts onions, he makes the onions cry.

When this kid hits someone, the victim says they're sorry.

When this kid get's kidnapped, the kidnappers call the police

When this kid is buying something, the cashier pays him

When this kid was born, he cuts his own umbilical cord and walks away like a boss.

This kid is never late to school. His classmates are just early

When this kid was born, the doctor said “it’s a man”.

When this kid wants to live a thug life, he doesn't choose thug life but the thug life chooses him.

This kid doesn't have time for gossip, gossip has time for him.

This kid sleeps with his parents when they're scared

This kid doesn't want to watch movies, movies want to watch him.

He doesn't ask the teacher if he could go to the bathroom, the teacher asks him if she could go to the bathroom.

If this kid's parents get a divorce, he'll have their custody

This kid doesn’t go to driving school, the driving school comes to him.

This kid tells his parents to eat their vegetables

This kid calls 911 and asks whats their emergency

When this kid goes to the store, the cashier pays him.

This kid doesn’t miss the bus, the bus misses him.

This kid doesn’t earn money, money earns him

When it’s nighttime, he tells his parents to go to bed

If this kid comes to your country, then you are the tourists..

When this kid goes for an interview, he asks the questions.

The parents don’t change his diapers, he changes his parents' diapers.

This kid doesn’t obey his parents, his parents obey him

The kid is not learning things from a book.The book is learning by him

When this kid needs to go the bathroom at the movies, the theater pauses the movie for him

when this kid says a word that doesn’t exist, they put it in the dictionary

This kid doesn’t try to win the lottery, the lottery tries to win him

When this kid enters a library, he tells the librarian to be quiet

When this guy misspelt a word, they rewrote the dictionary.

When this kid laying on bed, the whole world is actually on his back

When this kid wants to pause an online game, the entire game server comes to a pause

When this kid enters the classroom, the teacher wishes him good morning

The police don’t arrest him he arrests the police

When this guy creates a facebook account, facebook accepts his terms and services

This kid doesn't ask for the manager, the managers ask for him

This kid is the one who marks his teacher’s test.

When this kid walks in a haunted house, the ghost hides from him.

When he turns 18 his parents are gonna move out 😔

When cars were invented, this kid was already paying for gas.

When this kid comes to your house, he gives you the WiFi password

This kid doesn't deposit money, the ATM deposits money into him!

This kid doesn’t go to a party, the party goes to him.

In school, the teachers raise their hand to talk to him

His parents don't discipline him, he disciplines his parents.

This kid doesn’t take showers, showers take him.

This kid doesn't wait for the rain to stop, the rain stops for him.

When the kid fails in exam, the book apologize to him

When this kid goes to a restaurant, he gets a $50 tip.

When he leaves the house he says to his father”your the man of the house now “

When this kid gets a girlfriend, he accepts the girlfriend’s parents.

When this kid gets in trouble the teachers go to detention.

When this kid makes a grammatical mistake, the Grammer gets corrected.

When he was young, he taught his parents how to walk.

When this kid graduates high school, his teachers will be the ones giving him an appreciation speech.

This kid got bitten by a snake, the snake past shortly after

This kid doesn't see a dream, the dream sees him.

When this kid was born he showed the doctors how to carefully cut his umbilical cord.

When this kid earns money, the government pays him tax.

This kid doesn't wait for night to sleep, instead moon waits for him to sleep so it can rise

When this kid gets a job, he’ll fire his boss.

When this kid didn't do homework, his teacher was punished by him.

This kid doesn’t follow rules, Rules follow him

When this kid is at your doorstep, he welcomes you in

When this kid gets something wrong in History Test, the History changes.

When this kid ride a taxi, the driver pays him.

When this kid was born, he drove his parents home from the hospital.

The kid Doesn't use dictionary, dictionary uses him.