How to earn as a College Student?

As a College Student, you can earn a lot of money by doing small tasks in your free time. You can earn enough to pay for your College fees as well. We have list of the most effective ways to earn as a College Student.

Some of the most effective ways to earn as a College Student is:

  1. Transcribing: This is a task where you have to listen to a audio or a podcast and convert into text manually in the language specified. There are platforms like Rev[.]com where you can get Transcribing jobs for popular podcasts.

  2. Freelancing: This is the task where you put any skill into use and complete tasks for money. You can put to use any skill like webiste building, writing code and others. You can go through available freelancing tasks to find which one suits you as well. Popular freelancing platforms include Upwork and Fiverr.

  1. Solving questions on Chegg: By solving college and school level questions, you can earn money on the Chegg platform. If you are a Computer Science student, you can answer questions related to your syllabus.

  2. Graphic Designing: This involves creating posters, YouTube thumbnail and much more. You will find Graphic Designing tasks on Freelancing platforms.

  3. Start investing in stock market early: If you invest correctly, you will get good returns.

  4. Giving offline tuitions to students: You can give tuitions to School student or juniors in your college for a fee. You can conduct online classes or offline classes as per your preference. You can find students on online learning or freelancing platforms as well.

  5. Handling social media platforms of influencers: Many social media influencers hire a College Student as a manager of their account. The tasks involves interacting with fans in comment section, posting regular updates and more.

  6. Solve College Assignments: If you good at college studies, you can also earn by completing assignments, projects of your friends and charge them. Though this is not morally right but it is in wide spread use.

  7. Doing internships during your Summer: Typical internships at companies like Microsoft pay around Rs30,000 per month while companies like Google pay Rs80,000 per month. Internship is in wide demand and you can easily get one if you are good in your subject.

  8. Create a app or website: Use your creative thinking and create an app or website. You can earn by advertisements and sponsorships. This is usually difficult if you are finding it hard to get users which is a common problem. Some students have seen over night success with mobile apps.

  9. Write an article: You can write articles on a given topic for a website for a fee. A very popular program is run by DigitalOcean where they pay $300 (=Rs21,000) per article based on technical topics. You need to have a writing portfolio which you can create by joining this Internship program and create your author profile on Technical topics.

  10. Become an audiobook narrator: If you have a decent voice, you can get good at it with practice. You can join Audible marketplace to get your first job as a narrator for a popular book.

  11. Open a YouTube channel or run an Instagram or Facebook page: This is a difficult process just like creating an app or website as it takes several years to get users. Some YouTubers like Technical Guruji and BB ki Vines have seen over night success with consitency so you may try your luck.

  12. Creating and selling notion templates: You can create book templates at the book selling platforms like notion[.]com and earn money through it. This can be done along with Graphic Designing.

  13. Create a course on Udemy: If you are really good at a subject like Algorithms, then create a series of videos (at least 5 videos) and post it on Udemy[.]com as a course and you will earn from it. You can choose other platforms as well like Pluralsight.

  14. Participating in various coding competitions: Such competitive Coding Contest are held throughout the year. You can win amazing prizes if you are good at Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures. If you are into data science, participate in Kaggle competitions.

  15. Apply for GSoC: GSoC is Google Summer of Code which is a 3 month program where you can earn a good money by wring code for an open-source project. Do some open source contribution and apply for GSoC in Jnauary of every year.

  16. Provide App building services: If you know how to create Apps and websites, you can go to a market and ask the owners if they want an app or website and you can charge them.

  17. E-commerce: You can buy goods at cheaper rates at your local market or from Aliexpress and sell them on a platform like Amazon or Flipkart.

  18. Video editing: You can contact YouTubers and get a part-time job of video editing. You can get similar tasks on Freelancing platforms as well.

  19. Photography: If you are good at clicking photos , you can sell photos on certain websites.

  20. Become a lab assistant in your college: You can become a Lab assistant or a teaching assistant. You will get a nominal salary for it.

  21. Making and selling ebooks: You can write e-books on topics you have good knowledge on and sell your e-book at platforms like Amazon KDP, Google Play, Apple Books and others.

  22. Become an Amazon seller, Affiliate marketing, Dropshipping: Using these, you need to sell items on Amazon through your custom link. You can share this link to people in your contact and on social media. If one buys through your link, you will earn a small commission (5% to 10%). On selling a large number of goods, you will earn a good amount.

  23. Doing some craft work like knitting and selling them: You can create crafts and sell them on platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

With this article at OpenGenus, you must have a good amount of knowledge of how to earn as a College Student. Do choose a task and get started with it.