How to earn from Quora?

Quora has opened up 6 different ways to earn while participating in Quora. You can easily earn $1000 per month by creating a following for your Quora space, writing answers, asking questions and much more.

There are six main ways to earn money from Quora:

  • Quora Space Earning Program (QSEP)
    1. Ad revenue sharing in Quora Space
    2. Subscriptions to your space
    3. Add content behind paywall (Quora+ engagement)
    4. Subscriptions from your paywall content (Quora+ referral)
  • Quora Partner Program
    5. Asking questions on Quora
  1. Indirect earnings

The highest earners make around $2000 per month with the average being $250 for active participants in the program.

In general:

Method Open to Earning per month
Quora Space Earning Program All $0 to $5000
Quora Partner Program Invite only $0 to $600
Indirect earnings All No limit

Ad revenue sharing in Quora Space

The first step to start earning at Quora is to create a space.

As your space following and content grows, your space followers will start interacting with your space feed. While going through your space feed, if a reader interacts with advertisements on Quora, then your space will earn a part of the ad revenue. The split has not been disclosed by Quora.

The amount you will earn through this way is not significant but is decent if your space has a decent following.

Following is the earning from Ad revenue sharing based on Space followers (from real data fetched for Space owners):

Space followers Earning per month
0 to 100 $0.1
101 to 1000 $1
1K to 5K $5
5K to 10K $12
10K to 25K $40
25K to 50K $100
50K to 100K $250
100K to 500K $600
0.5M to 1M $1000
1M+ > $1200

This value vary largly across different spaces. You are more likely to earn through this program if:

  • Your space is such that reader directly go to your space feed and browse through the content regularly.
  • You create new content at a scheduled time and readers expect to see the new content.

In short, if your space have enough hype and strong following, you can earn a decent value from "Ad revenue sharing".

Subscriptions to your space

In your space, you can create premium content that is visible only to:

  • Your space subscribers
  • Quora+ members

By subscribing to your space, reader will be able to access paid content of your space. In short, when you create content for your space, there are two options:

  • free content
  • paid content + Adaptive paywalling
  • Paid content

3 types of Quora posts on a Space

When your content is under "Paid content", it will be available to:

  • Your subscribers
  • Quora+ users

The minimum price for subscription is $0.99. You as a Space owner, can setup your custom price. Followers of your space have the option to subscribe.

You will earn 60% of the subscription. For example, if your subscription is priced at $10 and 100 followers subscribe to your space, the revenue will be $1000 and you will receive $600.

Add content behind paywall (Quora+ engagement)

When you place your content behind paywall of your space, you will earn when Quora+ users who interact with your paid content.


Figure: Paid content as viewed by a normal user.

Quora+ users are paid Quora users who do not see advertisements. They can view your paid content without subscribing to your space.

The amount you will receive has not been disclosed but the Quora+ users payment will be divided equally across all paid content the user interacts with.

Based on experience, if your content becomes popular with around 100K views, we can expect up to 10K Quora+ users which can result in $2. The amount will be significant if you produce enough content.

Subscriptions from your paywall content (Quora+ referral)

When you place your content behind paywall, the header and the initial sentence is visible while the rest of the content is blocked.

If a reader comes your content and is unable to read it. From this point, the reader has two options:

  • Subscribe to your space
  • Become Quora+ users

If the reader decides to become a Quora+ users, then you are receive a referral bonus. The amount is not disclosed by Quora but is expected to be $5 per users.

Asking questions on Quora

This is the original earning method on Quora: Quora Partner Program (QPP).

In the initial days, participants have earned thousands of dollars. From early 2020, the program participants' earning hit a new bottom and earnings went from $1000 to $20.

It is not explained how revenue is distributed but participants are paid for the questions they asked. Note that answers are not paid/ given revenue.

Moreover, participants could not join QPP on their own will. They need to have an invite and it was given on Quora's will. The requirements are not stated but increasing participation impacted the chances positively.

There has not been an official announcement from Quora but it seems the program is moving in a direction to be closed.

Indirect earnings

Many Quora participants tend to promote their own products like:

  • Books
  • Courses
  • and other services

Note that Quora does not accept affiliate links in general.
This has been an issue as some small companies tend to spam Quora with fake accounts posting positive reviews as answers.

If your answers are good, you will find traction and your original product/ service will sell as well.

With this article at OpenGenus, you know how to earn from Quora. Get started today.

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