How do we calculate reading and coding time?

For each note at OpenGenus IQ, we provide reading time and coding time.

Reading time:

Time required by a person to understand the article provided he/ she has the knowledge of the prerequisites and is ready to devote the concerned time without any distraction.

Coding time:

Time required by a person to write the concerned code in a standard language from scratch provided that the person has a clear knowledge of how the concerned algorithm works and has decent implementation skills.

The way we calculate coding time is very interesting. In short, we observe the time taken by our voluteer group of coders (called "Team Time") and take into account some external factors to get to our final coding time.

Team Time consists of 95 members coming from different coding experiences which makes our estimate reasonably accurate.

The members comes from 7 different countries namely United States of America (29), India (23), China (9), Russia (12), South Africa (9), Australia (11) and Ireland (2).

Of the members, 40 have coding experience of over 5 years, 31 have a coding experience between 2 to 5 years, 15 have an experience of nearly a year and rest of the 9 members are complete beginners.

An overview of the equations we use internally:

$$coding\_time = (1/n) * \sum_{i=0}^n (coding\_time\ of\ person\ i ) * \frac{Maximum\_experience}{experience\ of\ person\ i} * (user\_assigned\_bias)$$
$$reading\_time = (1/n) * \sum_{i=0}^n (understanding\_time\ of\ person\ i ) * \frac{1}{native\_language\_experience\_of\_person\_i} * (user\_assigned\_bias)$$


$$0 <= user\_assigned\_bias <= 1$$

Notice: We will open up applications to accept new members to this group again in September, 2018.