Inward purpose code for Adsense

In India, when you are receiving an payment in currency other than INR (like USD) from a third party, Indian Banks need to report to the RBI. This transfer of funds from third party in another currency is known as Inward remittance.

The correct Inward purpose code for Adsense is P1007 Advertising trade fair service.

In fact, if you are receiving payment in other currency in India from any Advertising Network (like Adsense, or from YouTube, the purpose code will be P1007 Advertising trade fair service.

P1007 Advertising trade fair service


You need not worry about this. This is a normal process and happens one-time.

  • Your Bank may first send you an automated email asking you to fill a document with the purpose code to the nearest branch office.
  • If you miss to submit the document within 2 days, they will call you and enquire about the transaction.
  • If required, the Bank personal will send an email after the call to confirm the code.
  • You need to reply back with the correct code that is P1007 for ads on website.
  • Following this, all transactions will come under this Inward purpose code until you ask to change it.

There are several purpose codes defined by RBI and this falls under:

  • Point 10: Other Business Services

Under this there are multiple purpose codes such as:

  • P1002 Trade related services – commission on exports / imports
  • P1003 Operational leasing services (other than financial leasing) without operating crew, including
  • charter hire- Airlines companies
  • P1004 Legal services
  • P1005 Accounting, auditing, book keeping services
  • P1006 Business and management consultancy and public relations services
  • P1007 Advertising, trade fair service
  • P1008 Research & Development services
  • P1009 Architectural services
  • P1010 Agricultural services like protection against insects & disease, increasing of harvest yields,
  • forestry services.
  • P1011 Inward remittance for maintenance of offices in India
  • P1013 Environmental Services
  • P1014 Engineering Services
  • P1015 Tax consulting services
  • P1016 Market research and public opinion polling service
  • P1017 Publishing and printing services
  • P1018 Mining services like on–site processing services analysis of ores etc.
  • P1019 Commission agent services
  • P1020 Wholesale and retailing trade services.
  • P1021 Operational leasing services (other than financial leasing) without operating crew, including
  • charter hire- Shipping companies
  • P1022 Other Technical Services including scientific/space services.
  • P1099 Other services not included elsewhere

Other codes

If you want to see the other codes, here is the complete list:

Personal, Cultural & Recreational services

  • P1101 Audio-visual and related services like Motion picture and video tape production, distribution
  • and projection services.
  • P1103 Radio and television production, distribution and transmission services
  • P1104 Entertainment services
  • P1105 Museums, library and archival services
  • P1106 Recreation and sporting activity services
  • P1107 Educational services (e.g. fees received for correspondence courses offered to non-resident by Indian institutions)
  • P1108 Health Service (Receipts on account of services provided by Indian hospitals, doctors, nurses,
  • paramedical and similar services etc. rendered remotely or on-site)
  • P1109 Other Personal, Cultural & Recreational services

Govt. not included elsewhere (G.n.i.e.)

  • P1201 Maintenance of foreign embassies in India
  • P1203 Maintenance of international institutions such as offices of IMF mission, World Bank, UNICEF etc. in India.

Secondary Income

  • P1301 Inward remittance from Indian non-residents towards family maintenance and savings
  • P1302 Personal gifts and donations
  • P1303 Donations to religious and charitable institutions in India
  • P1304 Grants and donations to governments and charitable institutions established by the governments
  • P1306 Receipts / Refund of taxes
  • P1307 Receipts on account of migrant transfers including Personal Effects

Primary Income

  • P1401 Compensation of employees
  • P1403 Inward remittance towards interest on loans extended to non-residents (ST/MT/LT loans)
  • P1405 Inward remittance towards interest receipts of ADs on their own account (on investments.)
  • P1408 Inward remittance of profit by branches of Indian FDI Enterprises (including bank branches) operating abroad.
  • P1409 Inward remittance of dividends (on equity and investment fund shares) by Indian FDI Enterprises, other than branches, operating abroad
  • P1410 Inward remittance on account of interest payment by Indian FDI enterprises operating abroad to their Parent company in India.
  • P1411 Inward remittance of interest income on account of Portfolio Investment made abroad by India
  • P1412 Inward remittance of dividends on account of Portfolio Investment made abroad by India on equity and investment fund shares
  • P1499 Other income receipts


  • P1501 Refunds / rebates on account of imports
  • P1502 Reversal of wrong entries, refunds of amount remitted for non-imports
  • P1503 Remittances (receipts) by residents under international bidding process.
  • P1505 Deemed Exports ( exports between SEZ, EPZs and Domestic Tariff Areas)

and much more.