OpenGenus Memory Challenge 🥺

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Best time : 00:00:000

This memory game features a 3x4 memory titles with different emojis. As you click on a tile, the emoji under it will be revealed. On clicking another tile, the previous tile is flipped back (emoji hidden) and new tile is revealed. This simple game has nearly 7.5M combinations in total.

The objective is to match tiles with same emojis. To match, we need to click on a tile with the same emoji as the currently revealed emoji. If a pair of tiles match, then both tiles are permanently revealed.

* Minimum moves needed: 12 clicks
* Best time ever recorded: 5.39 seconds
* Number of game combinations: (12!)/(2^6) = 7,484,400 ~ 7.5M combinations

This memory game has been developed by researchers at OpenGenus.

Explanation for combination: There are a total of 12 elements with 6 distinct elements. Each element repeats twice. For a given combination of 12 elements, we make groups of 4 elements. We need not consider combination of these groups as it is covered in the general 12! combinations.

Emojis used: 💵 💻 💾 📰 🧁 💽

How to understand if you are good in this game?

Once you have viewed an emoji, if you have viewed the other part in previous clicks, you should be able to identify the other part in at most 2 clicks on average. This means you should be able to solve the challenge in at most 30 clicks.

According to our research, 94% of players have taken less than 40 moves; 75% have taken less than 30 moves; 20% have taken less than 16 moves; 1.9% have taken less than 14 moves.