Open Source Internships you should not miss

You should not miss applying to these Open Source Internships!!!

Open Source Internships are Internships that are focused on working towards contributing in an open-source project. These programs are highly valued in the Industry and it is, strongly, recommended that students should consider participating in one of them at least once. This will give a major career boost.

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Following are the popular Open Source Internship programs which you should consider:

  • Google Summer of Code
  • Free Software Foundation Internship
  • Linux Kernel Mentorship Program
  • OpenGenus Internship
  • Google Code-in
  • Google Season of Docs (GSoD)
  • Outreachy Internships
  • Season of KDE
  • AliBaba Summer of Code

We will go through some key points for each of the above programs so that you can chose the one that is best for you and in which you can get selected.

Google Summer of Code

  • Timeline: May to August every year
  • Application timeline: March every year
  • Number of applicants: 50K
  • Number of selected applicants: 1000 (2% selection rate)
  • Learn more:

Google Summer of Code is a remote program where students worked on open source projects since 2005.

This program is good but it is competitive to get selected. You need to contribute to selected projects beforehand to establish yourself as a good contributor.

OpenGenus Internship

  • Timeline: Anytime across the year
  • Application timeline: Anytime across the year
  • Number of applicants: 50K
  • Number of selected applicants: 5K (10% selection rate)
  • Learn more:

OpenGenus Internship is a remote Internship program where mentors from OpenGenus guide you to work on open source projects and help you to explore things of your Interest.

If you are a beginner, have a drive to learn something deeply and get mentored, you should definitely give this a try.

Free Software Foundation Internship

  • Timeline: 12 weeks either in Summer, Fall and Spring
  • Application timeline: 3 times a year
  • Number of applicants: 10K
  • Number of selected applicants: 100 (1% selection rate)
  • Learn more:

Free Software Foundation Internship is a remote and on-site internship program organized by Free Software Foundation. Interns work on a variety of open-source projects.

This is a good opportunity but can be difficult to get in if you are a beginner.

Linux Kernel Mentorship Program

  • Timeline: July to November (3 parts)
  • Application timeline: April to June
  • Number of applicants: 2K
  • Number of selected applicants: 10 (expected) (0.5% acceptance rate)
  • Learn more:

Linux Kernel Mentorship Program is run by CommunityBridge which is in turn funded by Linux Foundation.

It is running its first batch but the program is expected to be good as it is backed by Linux Foundation and Intel. It can be difficult to get accepted.

Google Code-in

  • Timeline: November to January
  • Application timeline: May to June
  • Number of applicants: 10K
  • Number of selected applicants: 1000 (10% acceptance rate)
  • Learn more:

Google Code-in is organized by Google and is open to students of age 13 to 17 years. This is a good opportunity and such opportunity for young students of that age group.

Google Season of Docs (GSoD)

  • Timeline: August to December
  • Application timeline: May to July
  • Number of applicants: 25K
  • Number of selected applicants: 1K (4% selection rate)
  • Learn more:

Documentation is an important part of the development process and this program is a good fit if you are more inclined towards creating documents and feel confident in following technical steps.
Just like GSoC, application process is easy only if you have previous experience of contributing to the projects.

Outreachy Internships

  • Timeline: May to August; December to March
  • Application timeline: August, January
  • Number of applicants: 5K
  • Number of selected applicants: 100 (2% acceptance rate)
  • Learn more:

Outreachy Internships can be a good option for experienced developers who have contributed to the concerned projects. It is similar to GSoC.

Season of KDE

  • Timeline: February
  • Application timeline: January
  • Number of applicants: 1K
  • Number of selected applicants: 20 (2% acceptance rate)
  • Learn more:

Season of KDE is a program where students contribute to KDE's open source projects. This is a good opportunity if you would like to contribute to one of the concerned projects.
You need to be familiar with the community and the projects to get selected.

AliBaba Summer of Code

  • Timeline: June to September
  • Application timeline: May to June
  • Number of applicants: 2K
  • Number of selected applicants: 100 (5% acceptance rate)
  • Learn more:

AliBaba Summer of Code is a program (similar to GSoC) and is managed by AliBaba.

If AliBaba's mission inspires you, you should definitely try to get in the program. It is a knowledge rich program where you get to learn from mentors from AliBaba.

Previous programs

There are many other programs that were conducted in previous years and are not running currently. Some of them are:

  • Mozilla Summer of Code
  • Rails Girl Summer of Code
  • GNOME Internships

Go apply to the above programs and get yourself an Internship you deserve and help improve the World by your contributions. Enjoy.