Patrick Shyu (TechLead) 😎

Patrick Shyu is a Millionaire Programmer turned YouTuber. He is also known as TechLead. He has previously worked at Google and Facebook and came to limelight following an infamous exit from Facebook.

He is known for his sarcastic view point on several aspects expressed primarily through his YouTube channel. He claims to be financially free and have made millions through his side hustles before joining Google.

He got into conflict with a few smaller YouTubers who attempted to pull him down but being the TeadLead, the smaller YouTubers could not make even a dent.

He is originally from Japan and had settled in USA.

Infamous exit from Facebook

Initially, in late 1990s, he worked in the field of Computer Graphics and as a Photographer. He taught himself Programming, moved to USA and applied to several jobs. He was selected in Google. After a few years, he moved to Facebook when the infamous exit happened.

In 2018, he joined Facebook where he was fired after 1.5 years. The next day Patrick uploaded a video in his YouTube channel trolling HR team and culture of developers at Facebook. He claimed he was fired because a fellow developer complained about his YouTube videos to HR for competitive reasons. He said that there are two keys reasons behind hid dismiss:

  • He claimed himself to be ex-Googler but never mentioned he worked at Facebook. HR did not like that he did not promote Facebook.
  • HR did not understand his jokes and satire in his videos.

Several major news sites covered his exit and the general public displayed support towards Patrick.

Since then, he continued with growing his YouTube channel and other ventures on helping candidates with mock interviews.


He started his YouTube channel when he was in Google. He focused on vlogs while giving tips on how to excel in the Industry.

Later, he move to giving programming and life advice in a satirical manner. Most of his videos are titled as "I did this ______ (as a Millionaire)".

His subscriber base grew to over 1.2M which makes him one of the biggest YouTubers in this genre. His partner in some ventures Joma Tech runs a similar YouTube channel with nearly 1.3M subscribers.

Current ventures & Conflicts

Patrick had conflicts with 2 fellow YouTubers: Clement Mihailescu and Tren Black.

Clement owned a site domain with .io and used it to promote his services to help candidates with Interviews. Patrick booked the same domain with .com and redirected it to his own service adhering to the same market. Clement seemed to be offended with this move.

Patrick, being the TechLead, removed his redirect later to allow others to co-exist in the market. Patrick proved his technical and business by shaking a running platform.

Later, another YouTuber took advantage of the situation, made several videos on the above issue in an attempt to dethrone the TechLead and gain subscribers in the process. Being the TechLead, no damage was done :)

Current state

From a personal standpoint, Patrick shared that he is financially independent so his exit from Facebook did not impact him much. He missed the free Health insurance.

Patrick said his wife and child left him and moved back to Japan after his downfall in job side. Patrick moved to 2 key ventures:

  • Mentoring students targetting companies like YouTube and Facebook
  • Mentoring people to grow YouTube channels

Patrick stresses on facts that he has credentials that others do not have and those who do not have should not talk about things they have no experience about. So, let us end with credentials of Patrick:

  • Build his own company (online community) and made millions.
  • Cracked Interviews at top companies like Google and Facebook
  • Worked as a Technical Leader at Google.
  • Build a large following on social media by sharing his thoughts.

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