RGSoC 2018 at OpenGenus Foundation

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Internship at OpenGenus

OpenGenus Foundation is participating in RGSoC 2018 and is moving forward with three of its projects: Cosmos, Quark and Cosmos-Search.

The perfect opportunity to contribute to open-source for some revenue.

Apply to OpenGenus by 28th Feb, 17:00 UTC. Hurry up! ?


Projects at OpenGenus that are participating are:

1. Cosmos

Cosmos is your personal offline collection of every algorithm and data structure one will ever encounter and use in a lifetime. This provides solutions in various languages spanning C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Swift, Python, Go and others. This forms the basis for our sister projects and leads our Offline Mission.

GitHub: github.com/OpenGenus/cosmos
RGSoC: Cosmos

2. Quark

Quark is the World's first Offline code Search Engine. You can, now, search code for any algorithm or data-structure in your favorite language even when you are not connected to the internet.

GitHub: github.com/OpenGenus/quark
Apply at RGSoC: Quark

3. Cosmos-Search

The next generation unbiased real-time privacy and user focused code search engine for everyone.

GitHub: github.com/OpenGenus/cosmos-search
Apply at RGSoC: Cosmos-Search


Ask us questions at our Discourse forum, Slack workspace and/or emailing us at team@opengenus.org
Hope you have a wonderful journey with OpenGenus