Ajith K. Kumar

Ajith K. Kumar is a prolific Inventor of Indian origin and worked at General Electric (GE). He has over 354 patents granted and is a notable employee of GE and graduate of College of Engineering, Trivandrum (CET).

Records held by Ajith K. Kumar:

  • 5th most patents issued to a person of Indian origin (Complete list)

Ajith is currently based in Pennsylvania, United States of America (USA) and is orginally from Kerala, India.

Background of Ajith K. Kumar

Name: Ajith K. Kumar
Patents: 354
Associated: General Electric (GE)
First patent: 1984


  • B. Tech in Electrical Engineering from College of Engineering, Trivandrum in 1972
  • M. Sc in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in 1977
  • MBA in Gannon University in 1981

Ajith graduated from College of Engineering, Trivandrum (CET) with a Bachelors' degree in Electrical Engineering in 1972. CET was the first Engineering College in Kerala and was founded in 1939.

Following his Bachelors' degree, he moved to USA to pursue his Masters' degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in 1977.

He went forward to pursue a MBA from Gannon University in 1981.

Ajith K. Kumar was awarded the prestigious GE Edison Award by General Electric (GE) for his incredible contributions to the Locomotive Industry.

Ajith worked at GE for 38 years and in 2020, he joined Wabtec Corporation as Vice President (VP) of Technology Innovation. Ajith K. Kumar worked at only two companies:

  • General Electric (GE) (38+ years)
  • Wabtec Corporation (Since 2020; 1 year and counting)

Patents by Ajith K. Kumar

Research area Ajith focused on:

  • Developing Train technology
  • Locomotive Technology & AC Motor

Some of the notable patents by Ajith K. Kumar are:

  • System, method and computer software code for remotely assisted operation of a railway vehicle system
  • Multi-level railway operations optimization system and method
  • Methods and systems for improved throttle control and coupling control for locomotive and associated train
  • Locomotive speed determination
  • Disturbance-resistant bumpless crankshaft position sensing
  • System and method for propelling a large land-based vehicle using a dual function brushless dynamoelectric machine
  • Electrical ground isolation and secondary failure reduction detection and isolation
  • System and method for improved detection of locomotive friction modifying system component health and functionality
  • Enhanced locomotive adhesion control
  • Method and system for determining an inertially-adjusted vehicle reference speed
  • Method and system for detecting incipient failures in a power inverter
  • Torque maximization and vibration control for AC locomotives
  • Speed control system for an AC locomotive
  • Method for inhibiting wheel slip in an electric alternating current induction motor powered vehicle
  • Pattern generation control for inverter drives
  • Auto self test of AC motor system
  • Regenerative braking protection for an electrically-propelled traction vehicle
  • Calibration of signal feedback through VCO's
  • Chopper circuit for dynamic braking in an electric power conversion system
  • Power conversion system including an improved filter for attenuating harmonics

Fellow Researchers with whom Ajith K. Kumar frequently collaborated and published important patents are:

  • Christopher Wade McNally
  • Dwayne Worden
  • Bret Worden
  • Jeremy McGarry
  • Paul K. Houpt
  • Stephen S. Mathe
  • Paul M. Julich
  • Jeffrey Kisak
  • Glenn Shaffer
  • Scott D. Nelson
  • Kristopher L. Redinger
  • Jason A. Dean
  • Suresh Baddam Reddy
  • Jeffrey Louis Diagle
  • Harry Kirk Mathews
  • Edgar T. Balch
  • Thomas D. Stitt
  • Paul R. Hokanson
  • Philip R. Cooke
  • Ronald B. Bailey

Most Researchers Ajith worked with were associated with General Electric Company.

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