Devendra K. Sadana

Devendra K. Sadana is a Prolific Inventor of Indian origin. He completed his PhD in Physics in 1975 from IIT Delhi. He joined IBM in 1983 and worked at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and University of Oxford before joining IBM.

Record held:

Patents: 735
Associated: IBM
First patent on: 1983
Education: PhD in Physics at IIT Delhi in 1975

Professional positions held:

  • Post-Doctorate at University of Oxford (October 1975 - February 1979)
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory: Staff Scientist (February 1979 to March 1983)
  • IBM Research, Current position: Retired Distinguished Engineer and Manager (Since 1983)
  • Professor of Nanotechnology at University at Albany, New York, USA.

Note: Devendra K. Sadana is currently a citizen of USA. He was born in India and completed his education in India as well following which he moved to USA.

Patents by Devendra K. Sadana

Research areas of Devendra K. Sadana are:

  • Lead advanced substrate research in CMOS technology
  • Photovoltaics
  • optoelectronics
  • Semiconductor Technology
  • LEDs
  • Analog Compute Materials & Devices
  • Lithium Ion Battery

Some of the patents by Devendra K. Sadana are:

  • Method for forming a sgoi by annealing near the sige alloy melting point
  • Method of forming strained silicon materials with improved thermal conductivity
  • Mixed -crystal-orientation channel field effect transistors
  • Thin buried oxides by low-dose oxygen implantation into modified silicon
  • Low-temperature selective epitaxial growth of silicon for device integration

Some of the research papers by Devendra K. Sadana are:

  • Ultra-low-power sub-photon-voltage high-efficiency light-emitting diodes
  • Strain engineering in functional materials
  • Novel Vertical GaN Power Devices
  • Some advances on optical interconnects
  • Engineering future light emitting diodes and photovoltaics with inexpensive materials: Integrating ZnO and Si into GaN-based devices
  • Advanced flexible electronics: challenges and opportunities
  • Vertical thinking in blue light emitting diodes: GaN-on-graphene technology
  • Polarization-free GaN emitters in the ultraviolet and visible spectra via heterointegration on CMOS-compatible Si (100)

Some research position held by Devendra are:

  • Conference Chair at LASE'86 Symposium in 1986
  • Conference Chair at Los Angeles Technical Symposium in 1985 and 1984

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