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OpenGenus offers an Internship program all over the year to help you take the next step in your Career. OpenGenus Internship is best suited to Students who are interested in Computer Science (note your stream and degree does not matter).

See what our previous Interns are doing now in their career :)

At OpenGenus, we have unlocked the secret and helped 1000+ students all over the World in the last 4 years (since 2017). Our Interns went on to intern at top companies like Google, Samsung and others and have landed full-time jobs at these top companies as well.

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Choose your Internship wisely. It takes only 2 months to successfuly complete an Internship with us and you must definitely join us. You will see the improvement in your career.

Our research shows that an Internship improves the chances of a successful career in Computer Science by 57.4% and doing tasks that actually matter for companies internally drives the chance by 97%.

Why is this internship important for you?

An internship is important only if it is meaningful.

Did you know that 42% of Google interns are not hired by Google as full-time employees?

This is because the system is not perfect. Students fail to identify what is important. Discussions with hiring managers from 24 Fortune 500 companies revealed to us that:

  • Managers look for what new topics you learnt during an internship? (Our mentors guide you throughout)
  • Their relationship with your previous workplace (We have interns at some of the premium companies and universities)
  • How do you express your work?
  • What is your motivation to do internship? (Learning and guidance is our focus)
  • Implementing or using existing ideas are uneffective

Having defined a meaningful internship, our research in 2017 showed that around 98% of the internship do not follow these principles.

To make the situation difficult:

  • 72% of company executives believe internships drive no value (They are infact wrong if the internship program is well designed)
  • 91% of the work done by interns are never used (This is because of the work framework are not designed uniquely for interns)
  • 68% of students do not look for internships at all (This situation is improving as in 2017, it was 75%)
  • Of the students who look for internships, only 60% make a serious effort
  • Of the serious students, only 57% are able to land an internship
  • It turns out that 97% of interns wish to intern at the different company secretly (This is a major problem and we work on this by training student's mindset)

To help Billions of students around the World, we invested our resources to create this online Internship program to reform the World. Having transformed the competitive programming situation in Japan since 2004 through free workshops at all universities in Japan helped Japan reach the pinnacle of success. Rest is history. We moved on to reform the entire World.

After Internship

Almost all of our interns have gone to wonderful places such as:

  • Admission at top Universities like UCLA, UCBerkeley
  • Internships and jobs at Google, Twitter, Alibaba
Universities of interns at OpenGenus

and have gone to work at top companies as Full-time employees:

Companies interns at OpenGenus went to

Our interns come from all over the World and we have represented 16 countries so far:

India (37%), United States of America (31%), Australia (10%), China (5%), remaining 17% come from Brazil, Japan, Nigeria, South Africa, Germany, Russia, Sri Lanka

How we design tasks for our Interns?

We, at OpenGenus, value our interns greatly.

We have hired some of the best mentors to design tasks for the interns and guide them in two months. Everything from the duration to tasks to reply by mentors are a result of years of experimentation.

We are at a point where we can predict the intern's contributions based on first day of interaction.

Companies seem to ignore projects which students may find to be good enough. The problem turns out to be that it does not matter if you use your implementation skills to get an idea to reality. It does not stand the test of time and it does not show if the candidate can work on a different thing that requires a different skillset. As a result, our tasks are completely different than what we used to give to interns in 2010.

What do companies like Google and Facebook look at projects are:

  • What skillset did you acquire while working on it?
  • Did you explore a wide range of skills across projects?
  • Did your work stand the test of time? (How does it compare to others' work)

In this line, we have been able to produce tasks that have been effective as we can tell through the success of our recent interns.

  • Work done by our interns is publically available and hence, stands the test of time as we review and advise them on improving their work before releasing it for everyone to take a look.
  • We give our interns a wide range of tasks involving widely different skills to analyze how they perform in such scenarios.

It is for this that the value of our interns have grown drastically over the last two years and even, companies like DiDi ask us to directly refer candidates.

Message to prospective interns

As a student, you have multiple ideas to explore, multiple dreams like landing a job in a top company and exceling at a particular skill. While this is good, the difficult part is that there are over 1 billion (1B+) people around the World competing for the same.

You need an edge over others by getting yourself a mentor and work on tasks that actually matter. We, at OpenGenus, are committed to help you bring out your best and help you reach your career and personal goals.

By running the program, we are enabling our fellow students to deeply understand this domain of Computer Science. Computer Science has never been so important as it is now. It reflects the basic fabric of Universe and though as humanity has computing limitations, we are pushing the boundaries and over the years, it will not matter what skills you have but it will be valued what you have done and can do.

Apply for our Internship and change your life forever