Sandeep R. Patil

Sandeep Ramesh Patil is a prolific inventor from India and has been working at IBM from January 2000. He completed his Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in Computing from University of Pune in 1999.

Records held:

  • 8th most patents issued to a person of Indian Origin (Complete list)

Sandeep is based in Pune, Maharashtra, India and is one of the few Prolific Inventors of Indian Origin who is permanently based in India. He is a notable employee of IBM.

Background of Sandeep R. Patil

Name: Sandeep Ramesh Patil
Patents: 315
Associated: IBM
First patent: 2008


  • Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in Computing from University of Pune in 1999

Sandeep has graduated from University of Pune in 1999.

Following graduation, he directly joined IBM and has been working there for the last 22 years. He has been recognized by IBM as a Master Inventor. Currently, Sandeep works as IBM Storage CTO Office Member.

Patents by Sandeep R. Patil

Research areas in which Sandeep R. Patil is focused on are:

  • Data Storage Technology
  • Distributed Computing

Some of the key patents by Sandeep R. Patil are:

  • Application performance using multidimensional predictive algorithm for automated tiering mechanisms
  • Selecting data storage based on data and storage classifications
  • Determining a storage pool to store changed data objects indicated in a database
  • Application restore time from cloud gateway optimization using storlets
  • Offline, realtime, and historic monitoring of data packets
  • Enhanced restripe mechanism
  • Identifying and managing redundant digital content transfers
  • Time frame bounded execution of computational algorithms
  • Object deletion in distributed computing environments
  • Using merged snapshots to increase operational efficiency for network caching based disaster recovery
  • Defragmenting files having file blocks in multiple point-in-time copies
  • Tier based data file management
  • Secure deletion operations in a wide area network
  • Methods and systems for selective encryption and secured extent quota management for storage servers in cloud computing
  • Dynamic I/O throttling in a storlet environment
  • Unified file and object storage architecture for clustered file systems
  • Dynamically transitioning the file system role of compute nodes for provisioning a storlet

Fellow Researchers with whom Sandeep R. Patil worked with frequently are:

  • Sasikanth Eda
  • Akshat Mithal
  • Subhojit Roy
  • Nilesh P. Bhosale
  • Abhishek Jain
  • Ashish Chaurasia
  • Gregory T. Kishi
  • Joseph W. Dain
  • Andrew J. Bernoth
  • Daniel J. Martin
  • Piyush Sarwal
  • Riyazahamad M. Shiraguppi
  • John T. Olson
  • Duane M. Baldwin
  • Lawrence C. Blount
  • Deepak R. Ghuge
  • Shah Mohammad R. Islam

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