Complete screening task in OpenGenus Internship successfully

This is a guide to help you complete your Screening task in OpenGenus Internship successfully so that we can start our exciting Internship with you.

Note: This article is intended for applicants who have applied to OpenGenus Internship and their mentor has started the process of screening task.

  • Look through some successful submissions
  • How to judge your work yourself?
  • Some basic suggestions
  • Quick overview of our other writing guides

Successful submissions

Some successful Screening task articles by our Interns (for your reference):

Basic checks

Make sure that if you were your mentor, you would approve your article. Do the following major checks so that your article is ready for submission:

  • Your article has >= 1000 words (Check the word count in the lower right corner of our editor).
  • You have written everything in your own words. Check by searching specific sentences one by one in a search engine like Google Search. If it is same, the external article will come up.
  • Make sure your article looks good through the preview link. This is what an external reader will see. This means you have formatted the article well like using headers, lists and others.
  • Do some basic related searches and make sure that your article covers most of the important points.
  • The images you have used have a descriptive filename (like quick_sort.jpg) and has the text "" as a watermark in one of the corners.

Quick suggestions

  • Choose a simple topic to begin with. This should be something that you are familiar with or are confident to be able to understand and explain it.

If the topic is not available, your mentor will assign you an near-by simple topic.

  • Do a quick research on your topic. 1 hour is enough. Make a note of the topics you plan to cover and make headings of sections.

  • Once the structure of your article is ready, work on the explanation of each section one by one.

  • Following the sections, work on the conclusion or concluding paragraph.

With this, you should be able to complete the complete process in 2 hours at max. If you are already confident in the topic, it will take you less than an hour.

As you have 2 days, you may work on it at your own pace and message your mentor when your article is ready.

While writing your article on our editor, avoid the use of HTML tags and use Markdown for basic formatting like heading and lists. We will go through the main points now.

Quick Writing Guide

  • Avoid HTML tags and use Markdown wherever possible
  • For heading in markdown, use ## before the heading and use the options in the bottom bar.
  • Avoid using tables and use lists instead.
  • For adding code, use markdown code tags
  • First write your article in plain text as you would do in an essay. Second to that, you need to add basic formatting with markdown and if necessary, HTML.
  • Do not include any external links in between your articles. Keep all external links at the end of your article.
  • You can use OpenGenus links within the link. For links, use the link format as in our writing guide.

If you are attempting an algorithmic problem, make sure to include:

  • A brute force approach and optimized approach
  • Time and space complexity for both approaches
  • Pseudocode and implementation for both approaches

In general, the introduction of your article should give a quick overview of what we will explore and list the sub-topics. Following this, you shall go deeper into the topic.

The content and flow is flexible so you can design it according to your preference.

Go through these guides for more detail:

Writing Guide at OpenGenus IQ
Markdown Guide