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3 Easy steps to Install Postman in Kali Linux

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In this article at OpenGenus, we have covered the installation and setup of Postman in your Kali linux environment.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is kali linux?
  2. Uses of Postman
  3. requirements
  4. Steps
    • folder creation
    • move the folder
    • copy and paste commands

Little about to Kali Linux

Kali Linux is an operating system that is based on the Linux platform and is specially designed for digital forensics, ethical hacking and penetration testing. It is an open source and free software that provides a wide range of security tools and utilities for network vulnerability analysis and testing.

Developed by Offensive Security, Kali Linux is widely used by security researchers, penetration testers, and ethical hackers to evaluate the security of computer systems, networks, and applications. It is highly versatile and user-friendly and can be installed on various hardware platforms such has desktops,laptops. Kali Linux comes with a variety of tools for password cracking, network scanning,and more.

What is Postman Linux used for?

Postman is a software which you can use to test REST APIs. Postman has an easy to use graphical user interface. Postman is a popular API development tool used for testing, documenting, and sharing APIs. It provides a user-friendly interface for creating, testing, and managing API requests, as well as for debugging and troubleshooting API issues. Postman is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

I will take you through 3 simple steps to install Postman in Kali Linux.


  • Good internet speed
  • Proficiency with Command utility
  • x64 Linux architecture

Now lets start
1. Open your terminal and extract the folder using the following command and a Postman folder will be created:

sudo tar -xvz -f postman-linux-x64.tar.gz

2. Move the folder to the root /opt folder (it is a folder used for installing third party softwares.

sudo mv Postman /opt/

3. Navigate to this folder /usr/share/applications/ and open the folder in terminal. Run the following commands to create Postman.desktop file and to open it in nano text editor (it is a build in text editor in linux)

touch Postman.desktop && nano Postman.desktop

4. Copy the following code in Postman.desktop and wallah! you are ready to

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=/opt/Postman/app/Postman %U


With these steps in this article at OpenGenus, you have successfully installed Postman!

Manish Kumar

Manish Kumar

I am first year student at KIIT. I am currently learning Web Development, started writing blogs as to record my learning journey, it gives me deeper understanding when I learn and write it later.

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3 Easy steps to Install Postman in Kali Linux
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