List of 50+ Array Coding Interview Problems

In this article, we have listed important Problems on Array which you must practice for Coding Interviews and listed introductory and background topics on Array as well. You must bookmark this page and practice all problems listed.

Table of Contents:

  1. Basics of Array (+ Implementation)
  2. Types of Array
  3. Coding Problems on Array (Important)

Basics of Array (+ Implementation)

Array is a simple Data Structure. Go through the basics of Array and how to implement it in C and C++ Programming Language. This is same for other programming Languages as well. We will attempt Practice Problems following this.

Types of Array

Many do not realize that there are different types of Array. Each type is useful for different problems. Some array techniques like Prefix Sum Array will help you solve key Algorithmic Problems.

Go through the different types of Array:

Core Techniques of Array

Array is a simple Data Structure but Algorithmic Problems based on array can be challenging to solve efficiently if you are not in practice.
Practice these Coding Problems based on Array:

Array Rotation

Array Rotation (3 techniques) (Important)


Partition an Array (2 techniques) (Important)

Majority Element

Practice Problems on Array

With this article at OpenGenus, you must a strong idea and practice of Array based Problems. Best of Luck with your Interviews and Research.