Computer Networks: Checklist

The checklist is focusing on the core concepts of Computer Networks. Computer networks are crucial as they facilitate communication and data exchange between devices and systems globally. They enable internet connectivity, access to resources, sharing of information, and support various applications and services essential for businesses, organizations, and individuals in today's interconnected world. The subject is alot a matter of interest in lot of big tech companies interviews. Save time and study smarter.

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Network Fundamentals

The most fundamental term and concepts needed to learn the modern day computer networks.

Physical Layer

The Physical Layer in OSI model holds the responsiblity of physically transfer the data in form of bits over the network.

Data Link Layer

Local Area Network

Wide Area Network

Connecting Device & Virtual LAN's

Network Layer : Data Transfer

Network Layer : Routing of Packets

Transport Layer

Application Layer

How Multimedia Works Over Network ?

Network Management

Cryptography & Network Security

Cryptography plays a crucial role in ensuring network security by providing mechanisms for confidentiality, integrity, authentication, and non-repudiation of data transmitted over networks.

Network Troubleshooting

Quality of Service (QoS)

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