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How to use Checklist?

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This is a short guide helping you to understand how to use our Checklists to keep track of your progress daily.

Sample Checklist: 100 Must attempt Problems for Coding Interview: Checklist

Bookmark a Checklist

It is important to bookmark a checklist so that you are able to use it tomorrow as well and continue with your learning and practice. To bookmark a page you are on, press the following keys: CTRL + D. This is create an icon on the top browser tab which you can click and directly reach the page.

Checklist at OpenGenus Figure 1: Checklist at OpenGenus

How to use Checklist?

There are different sections in a checklist. Click on an element to expand the details and explore the link presented.

Checklist element expanded details Figure 2: Checklist element expanded details

Once you have studied a given element, tick it as marked and your progress will be saved in your browser.

Checklist element ticked as marked Figure 3: Checklist element ticked as marked

Keep on marking the elements as you complete exploring them. Bookmark the page and open it next day and your progress will be saved and you can start from where you left yesterday.

At the top of the page, your progress will be displayed as follows:

Checklist Progress Figure 4: Checklist Progress

To get the complete benefit of using the checklists, you have to have follow a strict schedule and go through the problems one by one everyday. You will notice the difference in the long run.

Best of luck. Happy learning.

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How to use Checklist?
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