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S. P. Sundaram [Indian Mathematician]

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S. P. Sundaram was an Indian Mathematician during the early twentieth century and originated from Sathyamangalam in Tamil Nadu.

He is best known for Sieve of Sundaram, an algorithm for finding Primes.

S. P. Sundaram
Name:S. P. Sundaram
Profession:Indian Mathematician
Timeline:1902 to 1944
Born in:Sathyamangalam in Tamil Nadu
Best known for:Sieve of Sundaram in 1930

Personal life

S. P. Sundaram was from Sathyamangalam in Tamil Nadu and worked with the East India Company as a Mathematician.

Very little is known about the personal life of S. P. Sundaram.

He was born in 1902 and lived upto 1944 according to the natives of Sathyamangalam but is yet to be officially verified.

Sieve of Sundaram

Sieve of Sundaram is an efficient algorithm for finding prime numbers less than N. It was discovered in 1930 by and was the first variant of the famous algorithm, Sieve of Eratosthenes.

There are two major advantages of Sieve of Sundaram:

  • Unlike Sieve of Eratosthenes which sieve out prime numbers, Sieve of Sundaram sieve out odd non-primes.
  • Moreover, Sieve of Sundaram does not require other prime numbers to sieve out prime numbers.

This is considered as a major breakthrough in algorithms related to prime numbers. This also forms the basis of several mathematical proofs related to Twin Primes.

The other known variant of Sieve of Eratosthenes is known as Sieve of Atkin which was discovered in 2003.

Go through this article to understand the concept behind Sieve of Sundaram algorithm.

Due to less documented evidence, no other work associated with the Indian mathematician S. P. Sundaram is known. Like Srinivasa Ramanujan, S. P. Sundaram's work might be stored in libraries of old prestigious universities and can be explored only by public interest and enquiry.

S. P. Sundaram was one of the best Indian Mathematicians of all time.

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S. P. Sundaram [Indian Mathematician]
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