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Entrepreneurship in Agricultural sector

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In this article at OpenGenus, we have explored the state of Entrepreneurship in Agricultural sector.

Table of contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Importance of agriculture in India
  3. Few Agri- Tech start ups
  4. Conclusion


  • Agriculture is a critical component of our society as it provides us with food and resources necessary for our survival. It also contributes to the well being and prosperity of a nation.
  • Agriculture dates back to thousands of years and is one of the most essential human practices.
  • In India, agriculture is one of the most importantant sectors, employing over half of its working population, contributing significantly to India's economy.
  • India with its varying climatic conditions has resulted in a rich diversity of crops and agricultural practices across the country.
  • The agricultural sector in India faces several challenges which we will discuss later in the article.
  • To address these challenges, several startups are coming up with new ideas to build new technologies.

Importance of agriculture in India

  • Contributes to the economy/GDP
  • Provides employment to over 50% of India's workforce
  • Exporting of agricultural goods around the world
  • Supplies raw materials for various industries like sugarcane for sugar industry, cotton for textile industry.
  • Agriculture plays an important role in meeting with the food requirements of the country.

Few Agri- Tech start ups

Gold Farm

  • Based in Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • Mobile app based tractor booking platform
  • Provides solar water pumps
  • Their mission is to double the income of a million farmers


  • Based in Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • Provider of farm management services
  • Uses the power of communities, artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet to create an aggregate from seed-to-plate


  • Based in Gurugram, Haryana
  • Helps farmers reach the market without any intermediates
  • Allows a farm-to-business approach using machine learning
  • Helps get fresh farm produce directly to urban consumers
  • Farmers get a fair price for thier commodities


  • Based in Pune, Maharashtra
  • Offers assistance at every stage of farming
  • Provide information on pesticides, weather predictions, and advice based on soil
  • Thier mission is to educate farmers digitally so that they can improve the quality of their harvests and maximise manufacturing yield

KG Agrotech

  • Founded by Kamlesh Nanasaheb Ghumare(also known as Jugadu Kamlesh) and his cousin Naru
  • Came to fame as contestants of Shark Tank India Season 1
  • Kamlesh developed a pesticide spraying device over the span of 7 years
  • Right now is getting trained under the guidance of Lenskart founder, Peyush Bansal
  • Helps small scaled farmers with his innovative technologies
  • 85% of farmers in India are small scaled and can't afford the expensive new technologies
  • We need more entrepreneurs like Kamlesh who actually understands the problems faced by farmers and help small scaled farmers with his innovative yet affordabe technologies


  • As the global population continues to grow there is an increasing demand for agricultural entrepreneurs who can develop new approches to food production and distribution and meet with the increasing demand of food.
  • Entrepreneurship in agriculture involves identifying challenges faced in the sector and finding innovative solutions to these problems.
  • This sector provides an exciting opportunity for individuals passionate about agriculture and want to make a positive impact on the agricutural sector.
Entrepreneurship in Agricultural sector
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