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Design and Analysis of Algorithms (DAA) [Syllabus]

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This article presents the detailed Syllabus of the subject "Design and Analysis of Algorithms (DAA)" also known as "Data Structure and Algorithms (DSA)". This subject is taught in Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Technology course in Computer Science. This is the most important subject in Computer Science.

Table of contents:

  1. Syllabus of "Design and Analysis of Algorithms"

This article includes the complete list of Algorithm and Data Structure topics.

Design and Analysis of Algorithms Syllabus

Syllabus of "Design and Analysis of Algorithms"

Data Structure and Algorithm (DSA) Syllabus
1. Introduction to Data Structure
1.1Introduction to Data Structures
1.2Abstract Data Type (ADT)
Definition, Examples
1.3Introduction to Array ADT
1.4Linked List ADT
insert, delete, search, types of Linked List
1.5Stack ADT
push, pop, types of Stack
1.6Queue ADT
enqueue, deque, types of Queue
2. Introduction to Algorithm + Sorting
2.1Introduction to Algorithms
2.2Asymptotic analysis
Big-O, Big-Theta and other notations, worst,
average and best case analysis
2.3Euclid's GCD Algorithm
Basic and Extended Algorithms
2.4Primality testing
SQRT(N) test, Fermat primality test, Miller Rabin test,
Sieve of Eratosthenes, Sieve of Atkin
2.5Search Algorithms
Linear Search, Binary Search, Interpolation Search
2.6Basic Sorting Algorithms
Selection Sort, Insertion Sort, Bubble Sort, Merge Sort,
Quick Sort, Heap Sort, Time Complexity analysis of Sorting
Counting Sort, Radix Sort, Bucket Sort
3. Tree Data Structures
3.1Binary Tree ADT
Basic terms: Complete BT, Balanced, Unbalanced BT,
Insert, Delete, Traverse, Inorder, Postorder, Preorder
3.2Self Balancing Binary Tree ADT
AVL Tree, Red Black Tree, 2-3 Tree, AA Tree,
Scapegoat Tree, Splay Tree, Treap
3.3Trie ADT
Applications to String problems
3.4N-dimensional Tree ADT
B Tree, B+ Tree
3.5Heap Data Structures ADT
Min Heap, Max Heap, Priority Heap, Fibonacci Heap
3.6Advanced Data Structures ADT
Segment Tree, Fenwick Tree, Cartesian Tree
4. Analysis of Algorithms
4.1Complexity Notations
Big-O, Big-Omega, Big-Theta and others
4.2Complexity Analysis techniques
Master theorem, Substitution Method, Iteration Method
4.3Time Complexity Bound for Sorting
Comparison Sort, Non-comparison sort
4.4Time Complexity Bound for Searching
Linear Search, Binary Search, Interpolation Search
4.5Complexity Classes
P class, NP-Complete, NP-Hard, P=NP problem
5. Graph Algorithms
5.1Adjacency Matrix and Adjacency List
5.2Shortest Path Algorithms
Dijkstra's algorithm, Floyd-Warshall Algorithm, Bellman-Ford Algorithm,
Johnson Algorithm
5.3Minimum Spanning Tree
Kruskal's Algorithm, Boruvka's Algorithm, Prim's Algorithm, Cheriton Tarjan's Algorithm
5.4Graph Coloring Algorithm
Greedy Algorithm, Welsh Powell Algorithm, Wigderson Algorithm
5.5Cut edge, Cut node
6. Other Algorithmic Techniques
6.1Dynamic Programming
Dice Throw Problem, Assembly Line Scheduling, Subset Sum Problem, Longest Palindromic
Subsequence, Word Break Problem, Word Wrap Problem
6.2Greedy Algorithms
Activity Selection Problem, Knapsack problem + variants,
Bin Packing problem, Weighted Job scheduling
8 Queens Problem, Knight's Tour Problem
6.4Divide and Conquer
Closest Pair of Points, Karatsuba Algorithm, Median of Medians, Meet In Middle Technique

With this detailed syllabus, you know that topics you must have a good hold on to ace your "Design and Analysis of Algorithms" examination in B. Tech/ B. Sc course work.

Design and Analysis of Algorithms (DAA) [Syllabus]
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