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OTAC 2023 Leaderboard

Learn Algorithms and become a National Programmer
Indian Technical Authorship Contest starts on 1st July 2023. Stay tuned.

Odisha Technical Authorship Contest 2023 (OTAC) is in progress. This leaderboard is updated in realtime and will be finalized when OTAC 2023 ends (that is on 15 May 2023). Participants can join and work towards victory meanwhile.

Note: Unique visitors reading the article and then, voting count towards valid votes. Total votes are updated once every 24 hours.

All submissions and votes made before End of day on 15 May 2023 11:59PM IST will be counted.

Update (15 May 2023 11:59PM)

Voting is now closed.

Thank you for every participant. We will now, go through participant verification and validating every submitted article and declare the result in the next few days.

OTAC 2023 Leaderboard

Best of Luck to all participants of OTAC 2023.

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