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Computer History on 17th February

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Everyday of the year is filled with one of the greatest events in Computer History. 17 th February is one such that and lead to the development of the current state of computing. You should feel lucky to witness this day.

Major events in Computer History that took place on 17 th February are:

  • 2003: Blogger was acquired by Google
  • 2000: Windows 2000 was released to the public
  • 1963: Jensen Huang was born (CEO of NVIDIA)
  • 1874: Thomas J. Watson was born (Chairman of IBM)

We will, now, go through each of the events in detail:

2003: Blogger was acquired by Google

Today is that day (17th February 2003) that Blogger was acquired by Google. It was developed by Pyra Labs in Python as a user blogging service like Medium.

One thing to note that Evan Williams, the founder of Blogger is known known for:

  • Founder of Medium
  • Co-founder and CEO of Twitter

In fact, today Google acquired Pyra Labs and this was a major step as it allowed the premium features to become free.

2000: Windows 2000 was released to the public

It was today (17th February 2000) that Windows 2000 has available publically in stores. Previously, in 15th December 1999, it was released for manufacturing.

Windows 2000 is the undisputed leader in General use Operating System. It has changed the face of personal computing as envisioned by Bill Gates and Microsoft. The previous version of Windows was Windows NT4.0.

There were four versions of Windows 2000:

  • Professional
  • Server
  • Advanced Server
  • Datacenter Server

Windows 2000 was unique as it introduced several features like:

  • Encrypting file system
  • Dynamic Disk storage
  • Active directory (most used user directory service in Business)

For Windows 2000, today marks a special day in user centric Computing.

1963: Jensen Huang was born (CEO of NVIDIA)

Jensen Huang was born on this day (17th February 1963). He is popularly known as being the Founder and CEO of NVIDIA. He is the 61st most paid CEO in USA.

Education background of Jensen Huang is as follows:

  • Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering at Oregon State University (1984)
  • Master degree in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University (1992)

1874: Thomas J. Watson was born (Chairman of IBM)

Thomas J. Watson was born on this day 17th February 1874. He has been the chairman of IBM and one of the key founders of IBM. He is the reason why CTR was renamed to IBM on 14th February 1924.

He is responsible for making IBM a great success by selling Punched card tabulating machines. He drived the growth of IBM on International market.

Watson was one of richest person of his person and is often considered one of the greatest salesman of all time. He passed away on 19th June 1956.

If you are born on this day (17 February), you should be proud and happy as such great people in Computer Science like Thomas J. Watson and Jensen Huang. Enjoy.

Ue Kiao, PhD

Ue Kiao, PhD

Ue Kiao is a Technical Author and Software Developer with B. Sc in Computer Science at National Taiwan University and PhD in Algorithms at Tokyo Institute of Technology | Researcher at TaoBao

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