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Computer History on 20th February

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Everyday of the year is filled with one of the greatest events in Computer History. 20 th February is one such that and lead to the development of the current state of computing. You should feel lucky to witness this day.

Major events in Computer History that took place on 20 th February are:

  • 1926: Ken Olsen was born (Founder of DEC)

1926: Ken Olsen was born (Founder of DEC)

Ken Olsen was born on this day (20th February 1926). He was an Computer Engineer and had completed his Bachelor's degree (in 1950) and Master's degree (1952) from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He is best known for the following:

  • Founder of DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation)
  • Creator of Minicomputer

DEC is the company that is behind the first computer for commercial use. Minicomputer which was Ken's creation was a part of DEC. In fact, the word "foo bar" originates from DEC.

Notable awards he received are:

  • 1993: IEEE Founders Medal
  • 1996: Fellow of the Computer History Museum
  • 2001: 6th on the MIT150 list of innovators from MIT

His contribution towards the development and introduction of Computers in the commerical world is undisputed.

If you are born on this day (20 February), you should be proud and happy as such great people in Computer Science like.

Ue Kiao, PhD

Ue Kiao, PhD

Ue Kiao is a Technical Author and Software Developer with B. Sc in Computer Science at National Taiwan University and PhD in Algorithms at Tokyo Institute of Technology | Researcher at TaoBao

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Computer History on 20th February
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