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What is Pub/Sub messaging?

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Pub/sub is a service-oriented asynchronous messaging pattern. It allows for loose coupling between applications and components. Meaning that one application can publish a message without knowing who is subscribed to that message or even if anyone is subscribed to it. Another application can subscribe to these messages without knowing who published them.

Basics of Pub/Sub messaging

It allows the developer to build an app that can scale easily
Pub/Sub is a way to decouple apps or microservices
It is async message passing
It is service-oriented (loose coupling)
Decoupling of applications
It is a pattern, not a technology

Benefits of Pub/Sub messages

  1. Greater visibility into the system: When an issue arises, it is easier to identify the problem and where it originated.
  2. Increased flexibility: The system can accommodate new subscribers without affecting existing ones.
  3. Improved scalability: The system can handle increasing demand by adding more subscribers without affecting existing ones.
  4. Total decoupling of applications: Applications can be developed and deployed independently of each other.
  5. Improved Scouting and monitoring: It is easier to scout and monitor a pub/sub system for errors and issues.
  6. Greater security: The communications between applications are more secure in a pub/sub-system.
  7. Improved performance: The pub/sub system can improve performance by distributing the load across multiple subscribers.

Cons of Pub/Sub messages

  1. Increased complexity: The pub/sub-system can be more complex to build and maintain than a traditional messaging system.
  2. Limited interoperability: Pub/Sub systems are not always compatible with each other.
  3. Lack of guaranteed delivery: Some messages may not be delivered if there are no subscribers subscribed to the topic.
  4. Not suitable for all applications: Pub/Sub may not be suitable for applications that require guaranteed delivery or order of messages.


There is no doubt that Pub/Sub messaging has some advantages and disadvantages over traditional messaging. However, it depends on the specific needs of your application as to whether Pub/Sub is the right choice for you. If you need a high-performance, scalable, and reliable messaging system, then Pub/Sub is the way to go.

What is Pub/Sub messaging?
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