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Why Companies have high deployment rate?

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Amazon deploys 136k times per day (that's 1.6 deployments every second). But why?

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Airbnb deploys 125,000+ times daily. Many beginners will think: "high number of deployments daily isn't justified and is not necessarily a good thing".

And it does not end with Airbnb; in fact, most of the big tech companies out there (including Amazon) have a high deployment rate. For instance, Amazon deploys every second. But why do these companies need to deploy so often? And is it really necessary?

Let us find out.

1) Frequent deployments promote quick learning and ensure safer changes

When making changes to your code frequently, you're more likely to catch errors quickly. And since you're deploying in smaller batches, the risks associated with each change are also smaller. That makes it easier to experiment and learn from your mistakes without jeopardizing the stability of your system.

2) It allows for faster innovation

If you want to be able to move quickly and innovate rapidly, you need to be able to deploy your changes quickly. When you have a long lead time between code changes and release, it's harder to experiment and try new things. But if you can deploy your changes immediately, you can iterate and improve much faster.

3) It makes it easier to roll back changes

In contrast to longer release durations, if you're making small, incremental changes that are deployed immediately, it's much easier to roll back a change if it is problematic.

4) It helps you get high ROI on your DevOps transformation

Elite technology performance is defined by the ability to push out code changes rapidly and safely. You can get a much higher ROI from your DevOps transformation by making small, incremental changes that are deployed immediately.

There is no doubt that the higher deployment rate is good for business. When you can push out code changes rapidly and safely, you can achieve shorter development cycles, faster time to market, and higher quality products. All of which lead to increased customer satisfaction and higher ROI.

So, what are you waiting for? Implement a continuous delivery pipeline today and reap the benefits of faster, more efficient software development.

Why Companies have high deployment rate?
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