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[FIXED] 1 account is disabled or blocked from Google Groups

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In this article at OpenGenus, we have explained the reason for this error "1 account is disabled or blocked from Google Groups" which you can face while adding members to your official Google Group. We have presented the fix for this.

Table of contents:

  1. About the error
  2. Reasons for the error
  3. Fix for the error

About the error

While adding members to a Google Group, you may face the following error:

1 account is disabled or blocked from Google Groups

A notification pops up on the left bottom corner of the screen with the error. I faced the same error while creating the Google Group of my section as a class representation.

I have found the reason of the error and the fix for it.

Reasons for the error

The error comes when the concerned email ID has been disabled. This can happen in multiple cases:

  • If it is an University or Organization email ID, the concerned person has left the University/ Organization so IT team has disabled it.
  • If it is an GMail ID (personal), then GMail team may have disabled it due to inactivity or other reasons.
  • The person has deleted its own email ID.

Fix for the error

If you got the error for an university email (or an organization), there are two options:

  • Contact the person with the email and get their personal GMail address and use it instead.
  • Contact your administration to confirm if the person is still a part of the group. If the person is a part, then inform them of the error as the email might have been disabled by mistake. Inform the person, get the email unlocked and add it to our Google Group.

If you got the error for a GMail address, then there is no easy way to fix it. The email ID might have been disabled due to inactivity or another reason. The solution is to inform the person and ask them to contact Google team to get the email ID back.

As the process is uncertain and will take time, the easiest fix is to ask the person to switch to a new email ID and use it instead to add in your Google Group.

With this article at OpenGenus.org, you must have solved this problem easily.

[FIXED] 1 account is disabled or blocked from Google Groups
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