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Instagram Accounts to Follow for Beginners and Pro-Level Coders

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Programming and coding learning never stops. Social media platforms like Instagram allow you to learn, relearn, and share programming tips, tricks, and knowledge. Developers and programming creators on Instagram share their content using inspirational posts that are easy to comprehend. Instagram is a great place to start if you are a coder who wants to share knowledge and skills with other coders. And, as a starter, you can even get free Instagram followers using trial offers from services like SimplyGram and boost the credibility and engagement of your account.

That said, here are ten Instagram accounts you should follow, whether you are a novice starting out or a pro-level coder who wants to stay in the loop.


This useful and inspirational account has 150K+ followers and shares insightful posts, coding tips, and free resources to help you jumpstart and stay relevant in programming and web development. His insightful and informative content ranges from interview tips and recommendation tips for coding to various programming topics.


Nerd_jfbp is a website developer and also a mentor. His content is based on real-world problems and topics relevant to every programmer, so you definitely need to check it out.


This is a destination page for those who want to grasp more tricks and tips on JavaScript. With over 980 posts on Instagram, their content is delivered in a fun and insightful way. You can also visit their YouTube channel for more in-depth information on JavaScript concepts.


This must-follow Instagram page shares its content and topics using creative and unique illustrations and infographics. Their topics range from Python, Java, DevOps, and @codechips to JavaScript and C++. It's almost a one-stop-for-all.


As a developer, do you have a dream setup? @Lifewithcoding shares diverse types of desktop setups from around the world. The account features developers working in their spaces, books, laptops, and monitors that may help you get inspiration for your home workspace.


@Peoplewhocode has connected people worldwide to share their stories and experiences with coding. The account has a Q&A series of coders answering commonly asked questions on how to begin developing and learning multiple languages simultaneously and tips on developing a career in coding and programming.

Holly, the founder of @herhelloworld, is a recent graduate and isn't shy about sharing her career experiences as a Software Engineer at Microsoft. She inspires women and girls who want to work in tech, and it is no surprise that in 2019, she was listed by @CodeFirstGirls as one of the top coding influencers to watch at the age of 23. On her Instagram account, you will find content on what she is reading and how one can learn programming.


Are you looking for ways to write code cleanly and precisely? This Instagram page will teach you coding in a straightforward, effective, and inspiring way. You will also get access to information and techniques required to succeed in your coding career.


This page is excellent if you want to polish up your Python programming. The page features exciting topics such as Data Structures, Algorithms, and more.


Based in London, Marcus, a Front-End Developer, shares about life and work balance. He isn't shy about sharing the lows and highs he has experienced as a developer at a startup. In addition, he gives tips on how to stay motivated and specific coding tips.


While Instagram is not a coding tutorial website, if used correctly, you will learn a lot of tricks and tips. So, create your list of profiles and hashtags to help you improve your coding skills.

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Instagram Accounts to Follow for Beginners and Pro-Level Coders
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