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Coding Interview New Tab

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"Coding Interview New Tab" is an Offline Browser Extension that displays a new one line knowledge on a Computing topic for every New Tab you open. It helps you learn something new every now and then.

Get this extension so that you can use it while offline: chrome.google.com

You can access the online version at: iq.opengenus.org/one [Bookmark this page 📌]

It will help you get prepared for your Coding Interview gradually. No separate effort needed. It happens on its own subconsciously. This is a MUST USE free tool for long term benefit.

You can easily ignore the one liner on the new tab when you are not in the mood to learn.

This gives you knowledge in one line. It is adviced to think over it. If you would like to learn the concept deeper, you can go to the associated resource.

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  1. This is how it looks like
  2. Features of CINT
  3. Online version

This is how it looks like

This is how it looks:


Your New tab page will look like this.

We can change the color of background and text so you can feel at home. If you like dark background like many Programmers, we have got your back:


There are several options available in this extension. You can change the color and font of the text along with background color. You can enable the auto-refresh feature as well.


Try it now.

Features of CINT

Features include:

  • the extension works offline. You do not need any internet connection to use it and learn.
  • Shows new one liner knowledge every time you open a new tab.
  • Customize background and text color to your taste.
  • Customize font of text (one-liner knowledge and topics) to your taste.
  • Refresh to new one-liner knowledge while staying in same tab.
  • Over 10,000 one-liner knowledge (enough for 2 years) (More will be added soon).

Online version

Yes, we have an online version of this tool which you can use from any browser or from your mobile devices.

You can access the online version at: iq.opengenus.org/one [Bookmark this page]

The online version is similar to the extension visually and functionally.

This is useful if:

  • You use a browser other than Chrome.
  • You are on a mobile devices where extensions cannot be downloaded.
  • You prefer to use it only at specific times.

This extension is completely FREE to help you master computing ideas for your upcoming Coding Interview. Best of Luck.

Hope you get the job.

OpenGenus Tech Review Team

OpenGenus Tech Review Team

The official account of OpenGenus's Technical Review Team. This team review all technical articles and incorporates peer feedback. The team consist of experts in the leading domains of Computing.

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Coding Interview New Tab
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