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Future of DevOps [by Atlassian Survey]

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Where is DevOps going? Atlassian surveyed 500 professionals. Here are some interesting facts:

Aren't we all curious about where DevOps is headed? I am always keen to know what the future holds for this field I am passionate about. Well, Atlassian decided to survey 500 professionals to get their insights. CEOs, DevOps Engineers, IT professionals, and developers have a say in what the future holds for DevOps.

Some interesting facts that came out of this survey were:

  • 99% of respondents admit that DevOps has had a positive impact on their organization
  • 61% of respondents claimed that DevOps has helped them produce better and higher quality results.
  • 49% of respondents said that DevOps has helped speed up their software delivery process.
  • 48% of respondents said that learning DevOps skills has helped them get promoted.
  • 41% of respondents said that DevOps has helped them achieve their business goals.
  • 90% of the respondents said that DevOps directly impacts their business metrics.

With such overwhelming evidence in favor of DevOps, it is no surprise that its popularity is only increasing by the day. However, some organizations still have yet to adopt this methodology. The main reason they cited is their lack of understanding of DevOps and its implementation.

85% of the respondents faced difficulty in the implementation of DevOps. The reason behind this ranges from lack of skills (35%), legacy infrastructure (36%), to Adjusting corporate culture (35%).

Measuring the DevOps success was a major pain point for the respondents. The Practitioner is more likely than the Executive to agree that they have difficulty measuring DevOps progress and success. They also seem less confident in their organization's ability to track its performance, with only 58% disagreeing compared to 47 percent who admit this to be a challenge.

However, 74% of the respondents strongly believed that they have a way to measure their DevOps progress and success. And 97% of them feel that they are somewhat effective or very effective in monitoring their progress.

This survey gave us some food for thought. While it's clear that DevOps is getting more and more attention from organizations, it's also evident that there is a disconnect between the theory and practice of DevOps. While everyone seems to be on board with the concept, there is still much work to be done in implementation. What are your thoughts on the findings of this survey?

Future of DevOps [by Atlassian Survey]
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