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Review a Merge Request on Gerrit

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In this article, we have explained the detailed steps to review a Merge Request on Gerrit. Code Review is an important step in Software Development.


Review a Merge Request on Gerrit

To review a pull request on Gerrit, you can go to the project page and go through the files that has been changed.

On clicking on a line number, a dialog box will open and you can add your comment there. Once you have added all comments, you need to submit it by clicking on the "Reply" button on the top of the project page.

You need to submit two scores:

  • Code Review score
  • Code Verified score

The meaning for the different scores of Code-Review are as follows:

  • -2: This pull request should not be merged
  • -1: Some changes in the pull request will be preferred
  • 0: No opinion
  • 1: Looks good but someone else must approve
  • 2: Looks good and can be merged

The meaning for the different scores of Code-Verify are as follows:

  • -1: The code does not work as expected
  • 0: I did not verify the code by running it
  • 1: The code runs as expected

Things you need to check

Things you need to check for Code-Review score:

  • Check code quality as per code quality standards.
  • Check if all edge cases have been covered.
  • Check if the code is well commented.

After reviewing the code, check these for Code-Verify score:

  • Download the patch on your system and check if it runs as expected.
  • You may need to check if it interfere with other features

This will open another dialog box where you can add some note, add your code review score and submit it.

Other reviewers and the developer who opened the pull request will receive an email notification.

With this article at OpenGenus, you must have the complete idea of how to review a Merge Request on Gerrit.

Enjoy reviewing pull requests on Gerrit.

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Review a Merge Request on Gerrit
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