Ways to earn free cool Developer Swag on the Internet

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Get cool developer swag consisting of t-shirts, stickers, balls, platform credit and a pair of socks from cool companies like Google, Amazon, DigitalOcean, DevRant, Codeship and NPM. There are 7 ways to get a swag instantly. You can, also, get a swag without coding.

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Following are the ways to earn cool Developer Swag:

1. DigitalOcean Surveys

Timeline: Anytime (upto 4 swags a year)
Swag: 3 stickers or $5 credit in DO store.
Skills required: fill out surveys
Link: here (can be closed currently)

Complete 5 minutes developer surveys and get cool swag.

2. DevRant

Timeline: Anytime (once in a lifetime)
Swag: 3 stickers or a squishy ball.
Skills required: make funny jokes
Link: here

Get 20 ++'s on a single rant you've posted to devRant to receive 3 free high-quality devRant laptop stickers! Or post an awesome rant that gets over 500 ++'s to receive a free devRant squishy stress ball!

You can win this:

alexa giveaway

3. Alexa (branch of Amazon)

Timeline: Multiple times over the year (not fixed)
Swag: Hoodie or Echo Dot
Skills required: code
Link: here

You can win this:

alexa giveaway

4. Hacktoberfest

Timeline: October of every year (since 2015)
Swag: T-Shirt and 5 stickers
Skills required: beginner coding, all levels of coding
Link: here

Open 4 pull requests in any participating open-source project and win a cool swag.

You can win this shirt:

hacktoberfest tshirt

5. CodeShip

Timeline: Anytime
Swag: T-shirt and 3 stickers
Skills required: coding
Link: here

Submit 5 builds in 30 days, get t-shirts & stickers sent your way!

6. Google Assistant

Timeline: Anytime
Swag: T-shirt or a Google Home
Skills required: coding
Link: here

Make an app for the Google Assistant available to users, get an exclusive Google Assistant t-shirt and a Google Home (if a certain number of users engage with it)!

7. NPM

Timeline: Anytime
Swag: A pair of socks
Skills required: coding
Link: here

Fix a bug, get a fashionable pair of socks!


8. Free Software Foundation Europe

Timeline: Anytime
Swag: stickers
Skills required: promotion
Link: here

Enjoy your swag!