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Why will time tracking for developers kill your team's morale?

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These are the core reasons why will time tracking for developers kill your team's morale:

  1. It creates an environment of mistrust and suspicion

Your team members will start feeling that you don't trust them to do their work properly and that you are always monitoring their every move. That will eventually lead to a feeling of being micromanaged, which will kill their motivation to do their best.

  1. It leads to unrealistic expectations

When you start tracking your team's time, you expect them to work faster and be more productive. However, this is not always possible or realistic, and it can put a lot of pressure on your team members, leading to burnout.

  1. It makes your team feel like machines

It is because you will be focused on their output and how much work they can get done in a certain period. It can make developers feel devalued and like their work is not appreciated.

  1. Time tracking can create a sense of competition

It is because they will know how much time others take to complete tasks and may feel like they need to work harder and faster to keep up. It will eventually lead to a toxic environment full of stress and anxiety.

  1. It doesn't allow for creativity or innovation

The work of developers requires time to think and explore different ideas. It will stifle their creativity if they are under constant pressure to deliver results quickly.

While it is understood that time tracking can be beneficial in some ways, I believe that the cons far outweigh the pros. In an environment where developers are already under a lot of pressure to perform, tracking time can only worsen things. Creating a healthy and supportive work environment where developers can feel valued and appreciated is important. Only then will they be able to do their best work.

What's your opinion on time tracking?

Why will time tracking for developers kill your team's morale?
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