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Life of a freshman year in college

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First year! I am sure no one forgets it. A freshman is full of enthusiasm as well as confused, especially, friends, seniors, late night fun become large part of their lives.

Dawn days

Entering college campus brings whole new vibe. For the first time everybody is out of their nest. Fighting through homesickness, academic challenges, struggling to make good friends and life. It is when everyone starts fresh. Most people try to fit in and impress the others, having crushes around when they should be trying to impress themselves. We all try to get involved in clubs and sports and especially, people we shouldn’t be hanging around. This things make us learn that none of that was worth losing themselves.


We all try to adjust with college, which includes harder classes with more advanced curriculum, and learning your way around the college, especially the one which i can't forget is hanging ID cards, as well as learning how to survive the actual world which begins outside the college campus. We had introductory subejcts of all other Engineering Courses like CIVIL, ELECTRICALS, ELECTRONICS, PHYSICS, MATHEMATICS, CHEMESTRY. I remember all the labs we had interesting experiments, doing titration, scattering experiment. For CIVIL we used to hang outside on the fields and write the measurements. The most difficult one was of ELECTICALS it was totally different from what was imagined, seeing real apparatus and working getting readings out of it brought us in sweat. We used to prepare for Fests as students have to do all arrangements and organising events to publicising for footfall. I miss those refreshment packets and goodies. And finally after all this rollercoster ride you are hugged by SEMESTER EXAM. Most stressful and lovely part of college life. Front benchers, obviously, prepared all but the the others are one night owl. We all remember those late night group studies, explaining learnt chapters each other, asking seniors for last year question papers, before exam nobody sleeps and hands are tattooed with theorem and formulas. But we all get same paper and same answers and everything will be shown on result day, to friends, professors, and family. Some get sweets and some earthquake. Surviving all these is the name of life. Nothing stops, everything keeps rotating.

Some TIPS from me for freshman year

  1. Get involved with people sharing same interest. Not only you will likely create a circle of friends, but it will keep you busy as well. Going to college means finding yourself and what you truly enjoy doing, so exploring how you can get involved will push you one step closer to achieve these goals.
  2. Nobody is same so sometimes you have to find a balance between all. Everyone operates differently. Some people prefer to get early up in the morning, go to the gym, get all their homework done and then go out and have fun with friends. Others like to procrastinate their time a bit. No matter which routine speaks to you, everyone does their schedules a little bit differently.
  3. Try to follow a routine don't procratinate like others. Do at least one thing every day that makes you feel zen. Maybe taking a walk while listening to music or your favorite podcast, grabbing some lunch or dinner with a group of friends, or taking a quick nap. Whatever activity you choose, do it. I promise, these will put your stress at ease, and you will thank yourself at the end.
  4. Always attend your classes dont skip those, it will all help. You should want to go to your classes because you genuinely like what the professor teaches. Even if you enrolled in a course you don’t like, you must still attend. Professors tend to take notice of who puts in the effort and willing to help those who work hard.
  5. Spend money wisely there is difference between requirement and luxuries. You may find that you spend different amounts every week. Having in the back of your mind about your personal limit will help you decipher which items you need to buy, and which you can wait off on.


Conclusively, lots of memories, fun, nightouts, fresher party, and Exams. Surviving all these is the name of life. Nothing stops, everything keeps rotating. With positive attitude and hope we learn from mistakes and make ourselves future ready.

Life of a freshman year in college
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