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Mingyang Deng

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Mingyang Deng is one of the leading Competitive Programmers from China. He is the Youngest Programmer to become Legendary Grandmaster in CodeForces at the age 16 and currently, holds rank 5 worldwide on the platform.

Mingyang Deng
Background information
Profession:Competitive Programmer
Residence:Massachusetts, USA
Education:B.Sc in Computer Science from MIT (2021 - in progress)
Known for:Ranked 5th worldwide in CodeForces, Ranked 4th in Google Code Jam 2021, Youngest to become Legendary Grandmaster in CodeForces
Known as:slime, CauchySheep


Personal Life

Mingyang Deng was born in China and completed his schooling in Beijing. At the age of 18, we moved to United States of America (USA) for higher studies.

Mingyang Deng is pursuing B.Sc in Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA and his research is being supervised by Yufei Zhao, Associate Professor of Mathematics at MIT.

He joined MIT in 2021.

Competitive Programming

Key achievements of Mingyang Deng:

  • Ranked 5th worldwide in CodeForces (as of November 2022)
  • Google Code Jam: Ranked 4 in 2021 and 10 in 2022
  • International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI): Gold Medal 2021
  • International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO): Gold Medal in 2019
  • Youngest to become Legendary Grandmaster in CodeForces at the age 16 (June, 2019)

Mingyang Deng is one of the best Competitive Programmers worldwide and is relatively less active in participating in different Competitive Programming Contests in comparison to other leading Competitive Programmers.

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Mingyang Deng
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