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Next big thing in DevOps

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DevOps trends that will rule the Software Industry in the coming few years.

If I tell you to imagine a world where businesses are agile, responsive, and always one step ahead of the competition, you might think I'm describing a scene from The Jetsons. But in reality, this is the direction businesses are moving in, thanks to DevOps trends.

And with so much advancement already happening in this field of DevOps, it's no surprise that these trends will continue to evolve and change the business landscape in the coming years. So what are some DevOps trends we can expect to see more of in the near future?

1. The containerisation of everything

In the past, applications were typically run on a single server. But with containers, it's now possible to package up an application with all its dependencies and run it on any server. It makes deploying and managing applications much easier, especially in cloud environments.

2. The rise of serverless computing

Serverless computing is a new way of running applications in the cloud. With serverless, you don't need to provision or manage any servers. Instead, your code is executed in response to events, such as an HTTP request or a file upload. That can make running applications in the cloud much cheaper and simpler.

3. The rise of Microservice architectures

Microservices are a new way of structuring applications. Microservices divide an application into small, independent services that can be deployed and scaled independently. That makes it easier to develop and maintain large applications.

4. DevSecOps to speed up development and deployment

DevSecOps is a new approach to software development that combines developer, security, and operations teams. That can help to speed up development and deployment by making it easier to identify and fix security problems.

5. The continued rise of infrastructure as code

Infrastructure as code is a new way of managing infrastructure. With infrastructure as code, all of the configuration and management of infrastructure is done using code. That can make it easier to manage infrastructure.

6. The adaption of GitOps

GitOps is a new way of managing applications and infrastructure. With GitOps, all changes to applications and infrastructure are made using a git repository. That can make it easier to manage changes.

7. Low-code apps for the enterprise

Low-code apps are a new type of enterprise application. With low-code apps, all the development is done using a drag-and-drop interface. That can make it easier to develop applications and can also help to speed up development.

Trust me; this is just the tip of the iceberg regarding new developments in the world of DevOps. With so many new and exciting things happening, we never know what the next big thing will be.

What, according to you, is the next big thing in DevOps.

Next big thing in DevOps
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