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"50+ Linux Commands before joining a Company" book

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A serious Developer uses Linux as his / her Development System. The book "50+ Linux Commands before joining a Company" cover the most important commands and tasks that you need to know to make a good impression at your workspace.

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System and Software Information table

This is a table which you should fill every time you move to a new machine.

At a Software Development job, you need to fill this table and send it over along with every measurement you take. It is not trivial to fill this up correctly and we have explained the process well in the book "50+ Linux Commands before joining a Company".

System Information Table (Hardware Platform)
Attribute Value
NUMA nodes  
Threads per socket  
Clock Frequency  
Clock Speed  
Software Information Table
Attribute Value
GCC version

The Book 📖

The book "50+ Linux Commands before joining a Company" will prepare you to use Linux in a way a professional developer would use. You can fit in any developer group instantly and will feel confident in using your computing system. Linux and its variants like Ubuntu, RedHat, OpenSUSE and others are the preferred development workspace for most serious developers today.

Moreover, when one is developing a software system that will be used by customers, it is important to test in different Linux variants and the key is to use Linux smoothly for wide collaboration. We have covered over 50 commands, and this will enable you to use Linux efficiently for any basic development work.

All commands are important and has been chosen by analyzing the development work done in top companies. High level ideas we have covered are:

  • Get hardware details about your system
  • Get software details about your system
  • Running and handling processes efficiently and in background
  • Handling file system
  • Other key commands

At the end, we have present key advices of using Linux that will make you a "great developer" clearly.

Few of the key commands we have covered are: screen, dmidecode, ps, ls, vi, lscpu, uname, jobs and much more. We start by capturing the details of the current computing system. This is important so that you can share the details along with the main work (may be an application or benchmark data) so it is reproducible.

Read this book now and get prepared to work in any professional developer group.

  • Book: 50+ Linux Commands before joining a Company
  • Authors (2): Aditya Chatterjee, Benjamin QoChuk
  • Publisher: OpenGenus
  • First published on: 5 August 2020
  • Pages: 51
  • Amazon.in for India
  • Amazon.com for USA and worldwide

Best of luck in your Development Career.

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"50+ Linux Commands before joining a Company" book
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