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Coronavirus Memes for Programmers

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Amidst all this danger of Coronavirus, programmers are enjoying the situation in the form of memes reflecting some subtle truths. Following are some of the best programmer memes of COVID19/ Coronavirus:

Programmers during Quarantine

Several countries around the World are facing Quarantine/ lockdown that is complete shutdown of services other than essential services (like food, water and electricity). People are being monitored to not leave their homes.

One group of people remains unaffected: Programmers

Government: Isolate yourself, Do not socialize, Avoid physical contact with people
Programmer: Socializing was never an option

Programmers are turning their usual habit into something that everyone is praising


Coronavirus is transmitted through human contact so most programmer are safe:


2020 = 404

404 in the web development world means "Not found" error. The logic is that the current year is 2020 which is a multiple of 404.

Hence, the World has stopped. The next such a case will be on 2424 AD.

2020 = 404 * 5

Someone needs to open a JIRA ticket and fix this bug so that the World can move on.


Stay, Not, in Networking, means localhost that is a server running on the local machine and is not accessible by other external systems. This can be seen as a private system., in Networking, means broadcasting address that is any message that is send to this IP is sent to all systems in the Network. During coronavirus, everyone is advised to stay at home and make no contact with other humans.

Work from home

No one can see what we are doing at home. During meetings, programmers have been seen to be wandering around their house and have found some hidden place which never came to notice previously.


Python should practice Social Distancing

The logo of the Python programming language denotes two snakes very close to each other. As per Government guidelines, the Python logo should be updated and the snakes should maintain some distance.

In spirit of Social distancing, we are replacing all tabs to 8 spaces.


Be like Docker

Docker keeps everything separate.


Programming is no longer the best job

As lockdown decisions were being announced, people all around the World starting buying bulk of everyday things like toilet paper.

Toilet paper manufacturers got rich over night.


Bill Gates have been fighting virus since 1995

Recently, Bill Gates's TED talk on the next pandemic breakout from 2015 is getting traction but he has been fighting viruses since the day he released Windows.

Viruses became strong and widespread with the release of Windows 95.


Earth has stopped

This is a serious situation due to COVID19 or CoronaVirus and we have lost quite a lot of people. We are starting to gain control and if you are safe now, you will continue to be safe if you follow the guidelines of World Health Organization (WHO) and your national government's instructions.

Stay at home. Stay safe.

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Coronavirus Memes for Programmers
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