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"Problems on Array: For Interviews and Competitive Programming" book

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This book "Problems on Array: For Interviews and Competitive Programming" is a deep dive into Array Data Structure, important algorithms and Practice problems on Array. There is no other book like this in the market. A must read.

"Problems on Array: For Interviews and Competitive Programming" book

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On completing this book, you will have these core skills:

  • Strong hold on Array (Research Level)
  • Easily solve any Array based Coding Interview Problem
  • Design Custom Data Structures

Best approach to go through this book:

  • Master the basics of Array (Part 1): Take your own time in this section as it prepares you to understand the importance and applicability of Array.
  • Learn the basic techniques (Part 2): This part equips you with all necessary skills you need to solve any Array based problem efficiently.
  • See how a simple array can be modified to support different features (Part 3): This part impacts an important skill that is to design new Data Structure. This is an important Industry skill which will help you beyond Arrays.
  • Practice Problems (Part 4): Practice is a key to success for Coding Interviews, Competitive Programming and Efficient Problem Solving. Practice one problem everyday by implementing the solution on your own.

As a bonus, we have provided a Mock Interview practice which will help you test your skills in one of the hardest Array based Coding Interview.

Table of contents:

  • Introduction to Array
  • Row major and Column major order
  • Implementation of Array
  • Time Complexity of Array operations
  • Array vs Linked List
  • Core Array Techniques
    • Partition an Array
    • Hoare Partition Algorithm
    • Lomuto Partition
    • Move even numbers to front of array
    • Move negative elements to front of array
    • Three Way Partitioning technique
    • Dutch National Flag Problem
    • Array Rotation (3 techniques)
    • Block swap algorithm for array rotation
    • Reversal algorithm for array rotation
    • Juggling algorithm for array rotation
    • Two Pointer Technique in Array
    • Peak element in Array
    • Majority element in Array
    • Boyer Moore Majority Vote algorithm
    • Rolling Hash Technique
  • Types of Arrays
    • Dynamic Array
    • Hashed Array Tree
    • Suffix Array
    • Prefix Sum Array
    • Bit Array
    • Bit Mask
  • Practice Problems on Array
    • Shuffle an array
    • Find 2 elements with difference k in a sorted array
    • Find LCM of an array of numbers
    • Find GCD of all elements in an array
    • Find Equilibrium Index
    • Multiple array range increments in linear time O(N)
    • Minimum Increment and Decrement operations to make array elements equal
    • Minimum number of increment (by 1) operations to make elements of an array unique
    • Minimum number of operations to make GCD of an array K
    • Smallest Missing Positive Integer
    • Set Matrix elements to Zero
    • Maximize the sum of array_i * i
    • Find Minimum sum of product of two arrays
    • Smallest subset with sum greater than sum of all other elements
    • Find the Largest lexicographic array with at most K consecutive swaps
    • Minimum Product Subset of an array
    • Maximize sum of consecutive differences in a circular array
    • Make N numbers equal by incrementing N-1 numbers
    • Minimum number of increment (by 1) operations to make array in increasing order
    • Minimum number of increment or decrement (by 1) operations to make array in increasing order
    • Stack using Array
    • 2 Stacks in one Array
    • N Stacks in one Array
  • Bonus: Mock Coding Interview

About this iconic book:

Book: Problems on Array: For Interviews and Competitive Coding
Authors (3): Aditya Chatterjee, Tushti, Ue Kiao

Contributors (23): Vansh Pratap Singh, Vikram Shishupalsingh Bais, Naveen Singla, Siddhant Rao, Aravind Mohandas, Shubhankar Maurya, Fahd Agodzo Mohammed, Shreya Shah, Ashutosh Singh, Mudit Garg, Ankur Chattopadhyay, Yash Aggarwal, Lakshay Singhal, Varul Srivastava, Aditya Kumar Saroj, Prnika Bakshi, Arvind Tatiparti, Shweta Bhardwaj, Anisha Jain, Bharat Arya, Nikita Masand, Sweta Behera, Abhiram Reddy Duggempudi

All Contributors are associated with OpenGenus.

Published: 29 December 2021 (Edition 1)
Publisher: OpenGenus

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"Problems on Array: For Interviews and Competitive Programming" book
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