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Accenture Hierarchy Org Structure: Job Levels at Accenture

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Accenture (ACN in NYSE) is a service based company from Dublin and USA. It is a Forture Global 500 company with an annual revenue of over $61 Billion. With over 738K employees, Accenture is a good company to grow career-wise.

In this article at OpenGenus, we have listed the different job levels and grades at Accenture along with average salary range at USA and India offices and average experience. Based on this information, plan your career at Accenture.

Key Takeaways

  • There are over 738,000 employees at Accenture with 13 job levels worldwide.
  • Accenture follows a hierarchical job structure.
  • Many employees get their dream opportunity to work aboard through L1 visa at Accenture.

Table of contents:

  1. Career growth at Accenture
  2. Job Levels at Accenture
  3. Employees at Accenture

All job levels information in this OpenGenus.org article has been verified by multiple Accenture employees (between job grade L12 and L4) independently.

Career growth at Accenture

There are over 738,000 employees at Accenture making it significantly larger workforce compared to other popular service based companies like Infosys.

Accenture hires a large number of employees in India, USA, Ireland and Philippines. It has presence of over 120 countries with over 200 cities. In India, there are over 200,000 employees and USA and Philippines has over 90,000 employees each.

Accenture is a mass hiring company like Infosys and TCS but it is not labelled as a WITCH company like its competitors.

Employees have immense opportunity for career growth in Accenture:

  • As Accenture has a global presence, employees are regularly sent on short foreign trips to attend meetings and conferences and even, opportunities to work in a foreign country for 2 to 3 years on L1 visa.
  • Accenture has a strong internal training program which freshers can take advantage of.

Many employees has an inclination to work in a product based company but Accenture is good option even though it is a service based company. Accenture will help you launch your career strongly.

See Job Levels at Infosys and decide if you should join Infosys or Accenture.

Job Levels at Accenture

Key levels at Accenture:

  • The entry level position is L13 with title "New Associate or Assistant".
  • The highest post is L1 with title "Senior Managing Director" and beyond this, there are c-suite roles (L0).
  • Accenture follows a hierarchical job structure.

Following are the different job levels and grades at Accenture with expected salary range in both USA and India offices:

Job Levels at Accenture
Job Level Job Title Average Salary (USA, INDIA) Experience Range
L1 Senior Managing Director
C-suites: CSO, CFO
$250K to $1M+ (USA)
1.2+ Crores (IND)
25+ years
L2 Client Account Director
Global Leadership (MD)
$180K - $300K (USA)
INR 80 lakhs (IND)
25+ years
L3 Senior Client Account Executive
Senior Leadership (MD)
$140K - $220K (USA)
INR 65 lakhs (IND)
25+ years
L4 Client Account Executive
Leadership (MD)
$100K - $160K (USA)
INR 55 lakhs (IND)
20+ years
L5 Associate Director or Principal Director $90,000 - $150K (USA)
INR 45 lakhs (IND)
20+ years
L6 Senior Manager or Senior Principal $80,000 - $130K (USA)
INR 38 lakhs (IND)
20+ years
L7 Manager or Principal $70,000 - $120K (USA)
INR 24 lakhs (IND)
15 to 20 years
L8 Associate Manager or Associate Principal $60,000 - $100K (USA)
INR 18 lakhs (IND)
8 to 14 year
L9 Consultant, Team Lead, or Specialist $50K to $90K (USA)
INR 12 lakhs (IND)
5 to 9 years
L10 Senior Analyst $45,000 - $80,000+ (USA)
INR 8 lakhs (IND)
4 to 6 years
L11 Analyst $40,000 - $70,000+ (USA)
INR 5.5 lakhs (IND)
2 to 5 years
L12 Associate $35,000 - $60,000+ (USA)
INR 4.5 lakhs (IND)
1 to 2 year
L13 New Associate or Assistant $30,000 - $50,000+ (USA)
INR 3 lakhs (IND)
0 to 1 year

Employees at Accenture

Following are some of the employees at Accenture:

  • Navita Sharma is an Associate Director at Accenture (Pune office) (Job level L5) with a total work experience of 22 years. She has switched jobs 8 times in her career with 7 years of service to Accenture where she had an opportunity to work from Paris office for 1 year (L1 visa) (during 2019 to 2020) following which she returned to Pune.
  • Soumala Sarkar is a Senior Managing Director + Chief Strategy Officer at Accenture (Bangalore Office) (Job level L1). She hold a MBA in Business from University of Michigan (2006) with a total work experience of 20 years with 12 years of service dedicated to Accenture.
  • Taniya Roy is a Consultant at Accenture (Bangalore office) (Job level L9). She has a total work experience of 7 years. She gave 5 years of service to Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) after competing B.Tech from Dr. B. C. Roy Engineering College. Following it, she pursued PGDM in Business Administration and Management from XLRI Jamshedpur in 2022 and joined Accenture as Consultant.
  • Amrutha N is a Record To Report Ops Associate at Accenture (Bangalore office) (Job level L12). She holds a total work experience of 4 years with 2 years of service to Accenture.
  • Matt Reeves is a Client Account Lead at Accenture (London office) (Job level L2) with a total service of 8 years to Accenture and a total work experience of 20 years. He holds a LLB degree from University of Leeds.
  • David Treat is a Senior Managing Director at Accenture (New York office) (Job level L1). He has given 9 years of service to Accenture with a total work experience of 26 years.

With this article at OpenGenus, you must have a strong idea of the internal job ladder at Accenture. Plan your career accordingly.

Ue Kiao, PhD

Ue Kiao, PhD

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Accenture Hierarchy Org Structure: Job Levels at Accenture
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