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Job Levels at Toshiba

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Toshiba Corporation (TYO) is a multi-national electronics corporation from Japan and everyone at some point in their life must have used a Toshiba product.

In this article at OpenGenus, we have listed the 10 different job levels at Toshiba (technical ladder) along with the expected annual salary and average experience. Based on this, you can easily calculate the gap between promotions.

Table of contents:

  1. Career opportunity at Toshiba
  2. Job Levels at Toshiba
  3. Notable employees at Toshiba

Key Takeaways

  • There are over 117,200 employees at Toshiba with 10 job levels worldwide.
  • Toshiba follows a hierarchical job structure.
  • Toshiba is brutal with promotions.

The job levels and grades have been verified by employees at Toshiba.

Career opportunity at Toshiba

Toshiba is a pioneer in NAND flash memory technology, SSDs and USB drivers. It also, excels in nuclear power plants and medical imaging equipment. Toshiba is a multinational electronics company and was founded in July 1875 in Tokyo, Japan. Toshiba has multiple subsidiaries and has offices in Tokyo, Pune, Bangalore, Canada, Germany and USA.

Toshiba has employed over 117,000 people worldwide making it one of the largest tech workforces in the World of semi-conductor market. It has a market cap of $18 Billion.

Toshiba is known to be brutal with promotions. You will find many people who perform on an average level to be stuck on the same job grade or level beyond the average duration.

If you are able to perform well on job, then you can rise at Toshiba equally well as in other companies.

Job Levels at Toshiba

There are intermediate job promotions at Toshiba. For example, if you are at level L3 as a Senior Software Engineer and did not perform well enough to be promoted to L4, then you will remain as L3 job grade but your job title may be upgraded to "Senior Software Engineer II". Note these are not standard levels with Toshiba so will differ between teams. Due to this, the gap between promotions are relatively large at Toshiba.

Following is the list of Job Level and grades along with expected salary and average experience at Toshiba:

Job levels at Toshiba
Level Job Title Salary Avg. Experience
L1 Intern $20K - $35K 0 to 1 year
(mainly for students)
L2 Software Engineer
Firmware Validation Engineer
SSD Firmware Engineer
$60K - $90K 0 to 4 years
L3 Senior Software Engineer
Senior System Analyst
$90K - $120K 3 to 7 years
L4 Associate Principal Engineer

Associate Principal Manager
Project Lead
$110K - $135K 6 to 9 years
L5 Manager
Project Manager
$130K - $170K 8 to 14 years
L6 Senior Manager $130K - $170K 14 to 20 years
L7 Director $150K - $200K 20 to 30 years
L8 Vice President $200K - $300K 20+ years
L9 Senior Vice President $200K - $300K 25+ years
L10+ Executive Leadership
C-suite levels
$350K+ 25+ years

Notable employees at Toshiba

Some of the employees at Toshiba:

  • Kimihiro Amano is a Senior Vice President at Toshiba (Bangalore office) (job grade L9) and has given 27 years of service to Toshiba.
  • Sean Durkin is a Senior Software Engineer IV (Grade L3) at Toshiba GCS (North Carolina office) with a total work experience of 27 years.
  • Pankaj Dwivedi is an Engineering Director/Head-SAP at Toshiba (India office) (job grade L7) He has lead the position for last 2 years and has an overall work experience of 25 years.
  • Jayashri Karamadi is a Senior SSD Firmware Engineer at Toshiba (India office) (job grade L3). She joined Toshiba as a SSD Firmware Engineer (L2) in 2015 and after nearly 5 years, she was promoted to the Senior role (L3).
  • Paresh Jayant Deshpande is a Engineering Director and Pune Center Head at Toshiba (India office) (Job grade L7). He was worked at Toshiba for over 21 years and has a total work experience of 27 years.
  • Raghavendra Lakshminarayana is a Project Manager (Job grade L5) at Toshiba (India office) and is at Toshiba for over 10 years. He holds a total work experience of 20 years.

With this article at OpenGenus.org, you must have the complete idea of different job levels at Toshiba. Grow your technical career.

Job Levels at Toshiba
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