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What Java Programmers Should Learn In 2021?

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Insanely growing demand for programmers comes with more and more competition in the field, and that ends up in "survival of the fittest". Even if you're a talented Java programmer already, there is always room for improvement. You need to keep extending your skills through effective online resources to learn Java Programming.

8 Features Of Java To Learn In 2021

Here are some ideas for what to learn to stay up to date in programming with Java:


Jenkins, an open-source automation server for continuous delivery and integrations. Being a Java programmer, you must invest your time learning Jenkins, which is basically a technology derived from Java Programming. It has you covered up with its plugins. It enhances your software quality to a whole next level, reducing the time investment as well.

Docker And Kubernetes

Docker and Kubernetes, used in almost all program developments, is surely a game-changer in literal senses. Spending some time learning it is going to help you in the long run. Being so universally used in 2021, it is going to pay you back throughout your programming career.


Git, an open-source system, was founded by Linus Torvalds in 2005. We can hardly emphasize enough how essentially git contributes to a Java programmer's work for managing projects with the version control system. Git offers scaling and branching, as well as supports HTTP and FTP that play an undeniably important role. And if you’re a Java programmer you should never be neglecting Git.


A programmer can easily test web applications through all the tools provided by Selenium’s test frameworks. And being a Java programmer you should never lose your focus on such a significant element in 2021 that provides you several automation features. Remote Control, IDE, Web Controller, and Selenium GRID are the most critical elements you must consider learning and developing commands over.

RESTful Web Service

Many talented Java programmers are unaware of the importance of RESTful Web Service to their careers in 2021. Your knowledge about writing REST API needs your attention in 2021. It will help you stand out most of the people in the same boat as yours.

Java 16 Development Kit (JDK 16) Features:

JDK 16 is a whole programming ecosystem that helps you grow as a Java programmer. It is characterized by many features that help you improve and bring the best out of your talent.

  • It has tools supporting and providing guidance about using C++ 14 language features in source code.
  • Elastic metaspace reduces maintenance cost and ensures that the unused class metadata memory quickly returns to the OS.
  • Equipped with many packaging tools and new APIs.
  • Makes stack processing Cooperative, concurrent, and incremental.

Angular Or Responsive JS

Responsive JS, a JavaScript library that is quite a crucial element to user interface development, and Angular, and open-source framework for web applications are two of the key technologies that a Java programmer must dip feet into. Having features like templates, directives, annotations, child routers and a lot more Angular finds its applications extensively. Moreover, ReactJS/ Responsive JS too, on the other hand, has features like generators and free and open-source side communication.

Apache Spark And Kafka

You’re definitely missing out on so much as a Java programmer in 2021 if you believe that Apache Spark and Kafka aren’t worth your time and attention. Apache Spark, a framework for cluster computing provides an application interface for many tasks and is characterized by speed, integration, robustness, high performance, reliability, real-time stream processing, and a lot more. While Apache Kafka is known for replication, data conversion, no downtime, and more.

Top 4 Outline Courses To Learn Java


Codegym Java course is an integrated Java course with thousands of Java experts across the globe with many years of hands-on experience, moreover a series of thousands of back-to-back practical projects that help you grow as a budding programmer.


2nd on our list, Codecademy is known for its Java courses that help young programmers grasp basic knowledge to start with, but when it comes to the practical application of those concepts, you need to practice it yourself.


Coursera has a scheduled Java course that helps you build basic Java knowledge and master the complexities in the field.


Udacity has many professional experts with effective learning strategies to get you well-versed with Java basics.

Top 5 Worldwide Communities To Join

Joining communities with other Java Programmers and experts who have been working and training budding programmers for years now can be vital to your venture to improve in this ever-growing field. Some of the largest Java communities across the globe are mentioned below, consider joining at least one.


Technology is never complete, and so is the case with programming which is an ever-growing sphere, even masters are always students here. You have to give up on the know-it-all attitude and keep learning to keep up with the pace with new trends. Even if you were new to this fact, you can make a change this year as you know all the key features of Java and the best academic spots and worldwide communities to transform your programming career.

Aditya Chatterjee

Aditya Chatterjee

Aditya Chatterjee is an Independent Algorithmic Researcher, Software Developer and Technical Author. He is the founding member of OPENGENUS, an organization with focus on changing Internet consumption

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What Java Programmers Should Learn In 2021?
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