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"Master C Programming with Practical Projects" book

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"Master C Programming with Practical Projects" is a book on C Programming Language that focus on practical implementation skills and walks through multiple C projects with complete codebase.

This is one of the best C Programming book if you want to get a practical experience while learning the Programming Language.

#1 New Seller
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Go to the Book and click on "Look Inside" to go through the preview and table of contents of the book.

The book comes with a code package which you can download and follow along through each chapter of the book as you go through it.

Some of the projects included in the book are:

  • Calendar in C
  • Password generator
  • Spelling checker and correction
  • Researching on Primes with C programs
  • Dictionary
Master C Programming with Practical Projects
Book title:Master C Programming with Practical Projects
Time taken to read6 weeks
For whom is the book?People who want to learn C as their first Programming Language or Programmers familiar with C but want to get practical hands on experience.
Number of C programs in the book200+
Number of practical C projects in the book20
Published15 February 2023
AuthorsAditya Chatterjee, Ue Kiao
Ranking#1 best selling C book in New Releases (February 2023)
Why get this book?Only C book that give practical implementation skills.
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Ue Kiao, PhD

Ue Kiao, PhD

Ue Kiao is a Technical Author and Software Developer with B. Sc in Computer Science at National Taiwan University and PhD in Algorithms at Tokyo Institute of Technology | Researcher at TaoBao

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Aditya Chatterjee Aditya Chatterjee
"Master C Programming with Practical Projects" book
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