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Find Maximum, Minimum, Average of 3 numbers in C

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In this article, we have explored how to find Maximum, Minimum, Average of 3 numbers and implement the technique in C Programming Language.

Table of contents

  1. Problem statement
  2. Approach to solve
  3. Implementation
  4. Output

Problem statement

In this problem, we have to find the Maximum, Minimum, Average of 3 numbers.

For example, a=3, b=5, c=9
max=9 min=3 avg=5.666667
We will implement this problem in C Programming Language.

Approach to solve

Following is the approach to solve the problem:

  • We first create a function max.
  • For maximum we are using call by value and for minimum and average we use call by reference.
  • Inside the main function we first take the input of three numbers.
  • Then we call the function and store it in a variable d.
  • Now the control goes to the function max were we find the maximum, minimum and average of three numbers.We store the maximum value in a variable k and return it.
  • Now the control goes back to the main function where we had called the function max.
  • Finally it prints the three answers


Following is the implemention of the code in C programming language:

int max(int,int,int, float *,int*);
int main()
	int a,b,c,d,f;
	float e;
	printf("Enter three values");
	printf("%d %f %d",d,e,f);
int max(int p,int q,int r, float *e,int *g)
	int k;
	return k;


Run the code as follows:

gcc code.c

Following is the output of the program:

Enter three values3
9 5.666667 3

With this article at OpenGnus, you must have the complete idea to find Maximum, Minimum, Average of 3 numbers in C.

Find Maximum, Minimum, Average of 3 numbers in C
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