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Working with Typedef in C

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typedef is a keyword in C programming language,which stands for type definition. Typedefs can be used both to:

  • provide more clarity to your code
  • make it easier to make changes to the underlying data types that you use
  • Typedefs can make your code more clear and easier to modify.

One thing to keep in mind when using typedefs is that the underlying type might matter; avoid typedefs, or make them easy to find, when it's important to know the underlying data type

On going through this article, you will understand:

  • How to use typedef?
  • Why and when to use typedef?
  • Difference between typedef and define


The Syntax of using type def is as follows:

typedef <expression you want to replace> <your new name>

Example to replace int with myint:

typedef int myint

Following this, you may use myint in place of int like:

myint data = 123;



typedef int myint;
void main( )
    myint integer = 10;

What are the applications of typedef?

  • typedef can be used to give a name to user defined data type.
typedef struct vehicle
    char name[50];
    char  model[50];
void main( )
    car c1;
    scanf("%s", c1.name);               //BMW
    scanf("%s", c1.model);              // S7
    printf("\nCar name: %s\n",c1.name);
    printf("\nCar Model: %s\n",c1.model);
Car name: BWM
Car Model: S7
  • typedef can be used to give an name to pointers also.
typedef int* IntPtr;

void main( )
    IntPtr x;
    int x_addres = 123;
    x = &x_addres;    
    printf("%p",x);                    // print's 0x7ffdbefa34cc 

Difference between typedef and #define

  • A typedef is the (partial storage-class specifier) compiler directive mainly use with user-defined data types (structure, union or enum) to reduce their complexity and increase the code readability and portability.
typedef unsigned int UnsignedInt;
  • A #define is a pre-processor directive and it replaces the value before compiling the code. #define will just copy-paste the definition values at the point of use, while typedef is actual definition of a new type.
#define Value 10


typedef which of the following may create problem in the program?

Arithmetic operators
All of the mentioned.
Working with Typedef in C
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