CSS Checklist

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Only concepts that you need to practice to master CSS.


Getting Started

CSS is used for designing the webpages and their layouts developed in a markup language like HTML.

CSS Properties

CSS properties are used to specify the appearance of HTML elements.


CSS selectors are used to select the content you want to style.


Bootstrap is a free and open-source CSS framework directed at responsive front-end web development.


Image properties are used to set the image size, image opacity, image alignment, etc.


Positioning properties are used to specify the type of positioning method used for an element.

Design Laws

Design laws help us to understand how people perceive and interact with the world around them.


CSS has a wide range of features that can be used to make webpages more interactive and user-friendly.


Flexbox is a layout module that provides an efficient way to arrange space among items in a container.

Game Projects

Game Projects are a great way to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Web Development Projects

Web Development Projects involve building a website from scratch using HTML, CSS, and JS.

CSS Animation

CSS animation is achieved by changing the appearance and behavior of an element.

Advanced CSS Topics

Advanced CSS topics cover a wide range of topics that are different from the basic CSS topics.

Interview Questions

CSS Interview Questions are a great way to prepare for your next interview.

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