Web Development Bootcamp 📌

These topics are all you need in order to start developing Web applications on your own using HTML, CSS and JavaScript and other web technologies building off of those! Master WebDev in 15 weeks.
Learn effectively and succeed!.

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Week 1: Understanding Web Development - Roadmap

Here, you will find brief descriptions of the components that make up the branch of web development, to ensure that you understand the overall flow of web development and get a glimpse of what you'll be learning.

Week 2: Essential HTML tags

We're going to be starting out with HTML. HTML pages are the very base on which web applications are built, hence the foundation of learning web development. Essential HTML tags are fundamental elements for structuring a web document, ensuring proper rendering and functionality across browsers and devices.

Week 3: Other HTML tags

These HTML tags aren't necessarily compulsory to add in your document, but they're what actually makes up your markup and give you the chance to customize it the way you see fit.

Week 4: CSS

CSS is another basic web development technology, providing web applications with styling. It will help you create attractive designs, thus enhancing User Experience.

Week 5: JavaScript

Javascript is the main language used when it comes to web development, which makes it a fundamental language to learn if you wish to build web applications.

Week 6 - 8: Interesting projects using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Here are some inspiring projects that you can make with what you've learned so far! Go ahead and choose a few in order to get a good sense of how to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript together.

Week 9: Version Control Software - Git

Since we've been developing so many projects, it is only natural that we begin to learn other means of storing our code.

Week 10: Frontend JavaScript Frameworks / Libraries - React, Angular, Vue

This section is not to say that the frontend can't be done on vanilla JS, but using a frontend framework abstracts some of the intricacies of javaScript away, therefore making your work as a developer much easier. You DO NOT have to learn all frameworks. Simply pick one and stick with it. The most popular one at the moment is React.

Week 11 - 12: Backend JavaScript Framework - Node.js (Express)

This is the section for learning a JavaScript backend framework. For the sake of this curriculum, you should either choose a JavaScript framework, or a Python framework (next section).

Week 13 - 14: Backend Python Framework - Django

This is the section for learning a Python backend framework. For the sake of this curriculum, you should either choose a JavaScript framework (previous section), or a Python framework.

Week 15: Databases

Further directions

Here are some further topics that you could cover in order to help you develop a career with the information you've acquired.

Best of Luck.

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